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April 2018

NAB Show 2018 Edition!
"NAB Show 2018 is the ultimate event for the media, entertainment and technology industry, showcasing ground-breaking innovation and powerful solutions for professionals looking to create, manage, deliver and monetise content on any platform..."

Below you will find brief introductions to some of the technology news to come out of the show with links to more  expansive details. There were a number of exciting new products and updates released so this issue is going to be a little longer. I hope you find it interesting and useful and should anything pique your curiosity or even manage to get you excited, please let me know! 

Technology can, and should, support and enable creative processes. It should generate better results faster and easier. It should free your time and mind to do more of the things that excite you and, hopefully, make you money. Perhaps one of the tools below, properly implemented, can help to accelerate and simplify your workflow, to support a better work/life balance and still deliver a superior product to a happier customer!
News and Updates...
At NAB 2018, AJA has introduced exciting new products and significant new updates! AJA solutions give professionals more power, speed and flexibility, whether working in Broadcast IP, SDI, HDMI, HDR and/or HFR. Below is a brief rundown of the NAB 2018 news with links to more details.
KONA HDMI is highly flexible PCIe capture card, designed for four simultaneous channels of HD capture, with popular streaming and switching applications including Telestream Wirecast and vMix. KONA HDMI uniquely also offers capture of one channel of UltraHD up to 60p over HDMI 2.0, via AJA Control Room software for file compatibility with most NLE and effects packages. It is also compatible with other popular third party solutions for live streaming, projection mapping and VR workflows. LEARN MORE
KONA 1 is a robust, cost efficient single channel 3G-SDI 2K/HD 60p I/O PCIe card. KONA 1 offers serial control and reference/LTC, and features standard application plug-ins, as well as AJA SDK support, and is perfect for broadcast, post, proAV, and OEM developers. The new card supports 3G-SDI capture, monitoring and/or playback with software from AJA, Adobe, Avid, Apple, Telestream and others, and enables simultaneous monitoring during capture (pass-through). LEARN MORE
Easily monitor HD SMPTE ST 2110 signals via HDMI with IPR-10G-HDMI. AJA's new Mini-Converter receives ST 2110 over 10 GigE and formats the data for output on a full-size HDMI interface. Associated audio is extracted, synchronised and embedded into the HDMI interface and output on an analogue RCA interface. LEARN MORE
Two new 12G-SDI KUMO routers support large format resolutions, high frame rate (HFR) and deep color formats, while reducing cable runs when transporting 4K/UltraHD over SDI. The routers offer network based and/or physical control, adding a new USB port for configuring IP addresses via AJA's eMini-Setup software. Multi-port gang-routing also means the new 12G-SDI models are 8K ready!

More on KUMO 3232-12GKUMO 1616-12G

Designed for use in compatible openGear 2RU frames including AJA’s OG-3 2RU frame, the new cards combine the reliability and functionality of AJA Mini-Converters with the high density openGear architecture. New DashBoard software support on Windows, macOS, and Linux provides convenient and industry standard configuration, monitoring and control options over a PC or local network.

Learn More About:

AJA also had on show a tech preview of its new HDR Image Analyzer at NAB 2018. A waveform, histogram, vectorscope and Nit-level HDR monitoring solution, HDR Image Analyzer simplifies monitoring and analysis of 4K/UltraHD/2K/HD, HDR and WCG content in production, post, quality control (QC) and mastering.


New FS-HDR v2.5 firmware will soon be available as a free download, enabling simultaneous delivery of SDR/HDR 4K/UltraHD on FS-HDR’s main SDI outputs as well as 2K/HD/SD with unique SDR/HDR settings on the SDI monitor output. v2.5 also adds new BBC HLG LUTs for specific broadcast installations, and Tangent Element Kb panel support for hardware based parameter controls. The update also includes HDR Infoframe generation on the HDMI monitor output, providing an easy, cost efficient solution for local monitoring on HDR capable displays, in addition to new HDR test patterns.


AJA announced v3.0 firmware for Ki Pro Ultra and Ki Pro Ultra Plus, adding Avid® DNxHR codec support to the file-based 4K/UltraHD/2K/HD recording and playback devices. Available soon as a free software download, v3.0 allows users to record above HD rasters with Avid codecs within a native .MXF wrapper.
HELO v2.1 firmware feature highlights include: Closed Captioning (CC) streaming from SDI input, HLS streaming for direct interoperability with Apple® iPads® and other consumer devices and Chinese, Japanese and Korean language support in HELO’s web UI.


Desktop Software v14.2 introduces support for KONA HDMI and KONA 1, in addition to a new SMPTE ST 2110 IP video mode for KONA IP with support for AJA Control Room, Adobe Premiere® Pro CC, part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, and Avid Media Composer®. The free software update also brings 10GigE support for 2K/HD video and audio over IP (uncompressed SMPTE 2022-6/7) to the new Thunderbolt™ 3-equipped IO IP and Avid DNxIP, as well as additional enhancements to other KONAIO AND T-TAP products, including HDR capture with IO 4K PLUS. Io 4K Plus and DNxIV users also benefit from a new feature allowing all eight analogue audio channels to be configured for either output, input or a 4-In/4-Out mode for full 7.1 ingest/monitoring, or I/O for stereo plus VO and discrete tracks.


More AJA News
Angelbird are Your Professional Media Partner and were seen in action on the stands of all your favourite manufacturers, including BLACKMAGIC DESIGN, ATOMOS, MLOGIC, Archiware, Imagine Products, STORAGEDNA and Tiger Technology.

The new Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K and Atomos Ninja V certainly WILL need media and Angelbird makes the best media.

In this video from NAB, Newsshooter sat down with Roman from Angelbird to go over the new, more compact MasterCaddy III media for Ninja V.

Also discussed was their super-portable, super-fast and super-rugged SSD2GO PKT & PKT XT - solid state, USB-C, with huge capacity options and pretty colours to boot, PKT has a replaceable cable retention mechanism built into the case to lock it in at the drive end. With the new USB-C storage support in the Pocket Cinema 4K, this cable design, as well as the incredibly reliable, compact performance delivered by PKT, make it ideal as a fast and flexible media storage for your new camera.

More Angelbird News
ATOMOS + Apple Introduce ProRes RAW at NAB Show 2018!
ProRes RAW combines the flexibility of RAW video with the incredible performance of ProRes, keeping file sizes small while still maintaining the pristine quality and flexibility of the RAW sensor data from your camera. Available MONDAY 9th April for SHOGUN INFERNO & SUMO 19 – see your creative vision perfectly displayed in HDR with every raw pixel precisely processed to show the vibrancy the human eye sees.
2.5cm thin and 320g light, Ninja V is a stealthy, 5-inch, 4Kp60 10bit HDR daylight view-able 1000nit portable monitor & recorder that is perfect for small mirror-less, DSLRs and Gaming. 

At NAB Show 2018, Atomos release the Ninja V – compacting their already highly portable monitor/recorder into a sleek, new chassis without skimping on the features and functionality. Thin and light, the 5 inch HD display is still super bright and Ninja V supports HDR DCI 4K at 60p recorded to ProRes HQ and Avid DNxHR. Its smaller screen size and HDMI 2.0 connectivity makes it a perfect fit for all the latest small format cameras and video production tools.
Unlock Panasonic’s EVA1 5.7K RAW output...
...with “The best RAW solution for the price point on the market today”. - Atomos Shogun Inferno & Sumo19  Panasonic and Atomos have combined to deliver an astonishing set of features for end-to-end RAW production – 5.7K, 4kDCIp24-60, 2KDCIp240 in 10-bit V-Log recorded on SHOGUN INFERNO or SUMO 19. Now you will be able to unlock the true potential of this amazing camera and its low noise sensor by combining it with the Atomos Shogun Inferno HDR monitor/recorder, thanks to the release of Panasonic’s free RAW output upgrade. 
More ATOMOS News

ATTO Technology Celebrating 30 Years of Revolutionising Audio and Video Workflows at NAB

ATTO showed how their innovations stand alone in helping industry professionals create, manage, deliver and monetise content on any platform. ATTO featured their full portfolio of products, including the latest 25/50/100Gb Ethernet technology and solutions for guaranteed delivery of content using the highest performing transport available: Gen 6 32Gb and 16Gb Fibre Channel.

As the only certified Ethernet Thunderbolt adaptor and NIC connectivity provider for the Avid NEXIS® series, ATTO is excited to demonstrate the latest advancements in collaborative workflows. ATTO ThunderLink Thunderbolt adaptors and FastFrame NICs offer NEXIS users cross-platform collaboration within workgroups and the ability to scale-out and add clients as workgroups grow.

The ATTO booth will also feature:

  • ATTO Celerity 32Gb/16Gb Gen 6 powered HBA’s delivering the highest bandwidth and lowest latency available on the market.
  • ATTO ThunderLink adaptors providing high-performance storage and network connectivity for Thunderbolt-enabled devices.
  • ATTO FastFrame Ethernet NICs offering a complete portfolio of 10/25/40/50/100GbE connectivity, aggressively tuned for audio and video workflows.
  • ATTO ExpressSAS SAS/SATA 12Gb and 6Gb solutions engineered to specifically meet the needs of direct-attached storage found in high-performance media and entertainment workflows.
  • ATTO XstreamCORE, the industry’s only standalone 32Gb/16Gb Fibre Channel and 40Gb/10Gb Ethernet 1U rack-mount storage controller


More ATTO News

BirdDog Unleashes NDI at NAB Show 2018

Introducing new BIRDDOG MINI. Super small, super lightweight, super powerful.
  • Pure NDI. Pristine 1080p60.
  • Supports BirdDog Link. Encode from any BirdDog Studio NDI or Mini and play out to a TV or monitor.
  • Tally
  • Supports BirdDog Comms – and you get it free until September 30.
  • Flexible Power – PoE, D-Tap, DC
BIRDDOG COMMS – Audio Intercom like you’ve never seen before! By harnessing the true power of NDI BirdDog have made the world’s first Audio Intercom system with live video windows. Now you can see live the camera feeds and arrange all your Comms on a simple Windows 10 computer meaning you can even use a touchscreen enabled device for true interactivity. Supports Push to Talk and Grouping and the best part is it is totally FREE with any BirdDog Studio NDI or BirdDog Mini until September 30, 2018!
BirdDog Central – the fastest and most convenient way to get content to TV’s and screens ever. Simply attach BirdDog Mini or Studio NDI to your screen, plug it into a PoE switch, HDMI into the screen and you can play content to that screen from any BirdDog encoder using BirdDog Link. You can also use the BirdDog media player to play out any video file on your computer. Central will be shipping later this year.
More BirdDog News
Blackmagic have a huge amount to share in this video with a number of new product updates and releases! There really is a lot to talk about so I will cover off the announcements in brief below, but you can check out the detailed product information and read the press releases by following the links. Definitely watch the press conference video as Grant Petty gives some useful insight into the thought processes behind the latest developments!
More Blackmagic News

Facilis Technology Ships New Version 7.1 of its Advanced Shared Storage Solution – Feature-rich release adds class-leading system monitoring, load balancing and remote client deployment.

Features include:

  • Real-time and historical bandwidth monitoring of volumes and workstations – gives the administrator full overview of the network down to the individual user.
  • RAID50 and RAID51 management through Admin Console – completes multi-server management improvements in the new web interface.
  • Preferred connection address – allows an administrator or desktop user the ability to chose an alternate network path, increasing available bandwidth.
  • Automatic load balancing of clients – helps administrators aggregate multiple network uplinks, and adds throughput simply by adding uplinks with no manual setup required.
  • Remote client deployment – eases the load on administrators during server upgrades by automatically updating connected clients to the latest software version.


More Facilis News
At NAB, JLCooper updated their complete catalogue to include new 3rd party product support details from Anvato, Aveco, Intel, QSC, vMIX and wTVision. There were also product feature updates and other news including new PROTON and ION features and Slomo Mini USB. Featured Products at NAB included Video Transport and Switcher Controllers; SloMo Controllers; Audio Mixing and Surround Panning Controllers; Automation & Shotbox Controllers; Ethernet Control and Interfacing Products; and GPI Control and Interfacing Products.
More JLCooper News

Litepanels was proud to showcase the all-new Gemini, the industry’s most accurate and versatile 2×1 soft panel. The Gemini’s latest firmware upgrade allows for a variety of cinematic effects such as emergency lights, fire, TV, and hue bursts that are fully customise-able and that can be easily saved to presets. Gemini eliminates the need for colour correction by offering full-spectrum white light that’s perfect for lighting talent and rendering exceptional colour. Below, Litepanels takes you behind the scenes with DP Antonio Riestra ASC ACK using the new lighting effects mode in the Gemini 2×1!

More Litepanels News
Studio One is Livestream's newest encoder with a compact desktop size that doesn’t spare on horsepower. Stream up to 4K resolution, from two 4K inputs or four HD inputs (HDMI or SDI). Packed with a latest generation 6-Core Intel CPU and a powerful GPU, Studio One can easily deliver all of the incredible features included with LIVESTREAM STUDIO SOFTWARE

What's New in Studio 5...

Studio for Mac - Everything you love about Studio, now available for Mac! Currently in Beta, Studio 5 for Mac + PC can be downloaded immediately. Please note that this is BETA software and we recommend you STICK TO V4.8 for now if you are in a critical production environment.

Vimeo Integration - Log into Studio with your Vimeo account, and enable cloud simulcasting with Vimeo Premium.

Hardware Acceleration - Use Studio on consumer-grade computers, including the MacBook Pro, with hardware acceleration from Intel CPU’s and NVidia GPU’s.

Simple Mode - A new user experience mode designed for beginners or users with a simplified workflow.


Build a OTT Subscription Streaming App for Live and On-Demand Video… With the power of Vimeo’s over-the-top streaming custom apps, you can now build a Netflix-style OTT app for your live and on-demand video content in no time at all, and monetise that content with a subscription service. This is great news for fitness, sports, media, and worship content creators who want to engage their audiences live as well as on-demand all within the dedicated home of their app or website.

More Livestream News
LUMENS INTEGRATION are taking their award winning camera and integrating NDI SUPPORT – the ultra low latency, next-generation IP technology from NEWTEK. Now, with the VC-A50PN you can integrate Lumens into NDI enabled workflows and receive the benefits of a broadcast grade IP production standard.
More Lumens News
Premiere Parking: Marquis’ first step towards the full Adobe Premiere Pro CC version of Project Parking software. As an introduction, it can read Adobe Premiere Pro CC projects, copy the media files that are referenced in the project, and move these to a new location, creating an updated version of the project that points to the new media location.
Interplay Metadata Export Tool (IMET): Enables customers to take an Avid Interplay project and media metadata and export it – essential when archiving projects from an Interplay system. This is useful to backup Interplay metadata, make it more widely available and to reduce the size of the Interplay database.

Product Updates:
- The new Medway cloud workflow allows a customer to process content with the Medway Engine Web Services (MEWS) hosted in Amazon Web Services.
- Workspace Tools products are now Avid Platform Certified, delivering Avid’s seal of approval for the company’s powerful disaster recovery, backup and business continuity solutions.
- Delta Parking functionality within Project Parking and Workspace Tools, means an Avid project can be moved to shared storage or cloud, with changes versioned, it means only new media and the project metadata is moved.


More Marquis News
The NEW Marshall CV-502WPM is a small, broadcast quality 3G-SDI point-of-view camera, designed to be placed in areas where traditional cameras would not fit, along with a weatherproof IP67 rating for outdoor use. A 3.7mm HD M12 Lens comes standard, with a 2.8mm (CV4702.8-3MP-IR) & 6.0mm (CV4706-3MP-IR) also available. 3G/HDSDI (BNC) RS-485 and 12V DC power connections are at the end of a 10' breakout cable. Captures sharp & vivid colour HD images at 0.2Lux (low light sensitive) and a new WDR function supports high speed & high sensitivity to multiple light sources.
The NEW Marshall AR-DM61-BT is a 1RU confidence monitor for audio, supporting up to 64 channels. With a 10-inch Touchscreen Panel, it displays up to 64 channels vertical or 2 detailed channels horizontal with LKFS bars and peak indicators. A built-in live video preview monitor,  input support from multiple signal types with format conversion and matrix routing, high-powered stereo speakers (up to 100 dB output), support for all current Dolby™ formats including 7.1 Surround Sound, AES 67 Compliance and Dante audio support via an optional IP board are among the powerful feature-set.
More Marshall News

At NAB 2018, NewTek continued to innovate and extend the now dominant position of NDI® as the de facto standard in the industry for sharing video between software applications and hardware devices on standard Ethernet networks. Implemented in thousands of products and used by more than 10 million people worldwide, NDI is by far the most widely adopted and used IP standard. At the heart of any all-IP end-to-end live video production workflow, from acquisition to live production and distribution, the entire all-IP workflow was on display!

NewTek Connect Spark™ Pro - NewTek Connect Spark Pro is the fastest, easiest, and most flexible solution for converting 4K UHD video for IP workflows. In its ultra-portable enclosure, it combines the groundbreaking benefits of NDI®, NewTek’s innovative Network Device Interface technology, with powerful, professional features for modern video production. LEARN MORE

NewTek NC1 Studio I/O IP Module – This is Newtek’s first rack-mount appliance that provides full support for the SMPTE ST 2110 standard - allowing uncompressed video of either four 1080p channels or a single 4K channel over IP infrastructure. The Studio Module will remain fully compliant with the SMPTE ST 2110 standard, allowing for complete inter-operability with any other broadcast appliance working within the same IP standard. LEARN MORE

NewTek LiveGraphics™ – An entirely new approach to real-time motion graphics, allowing you to create assets in Adobe® Photoshop® CC and Adobe® After Effects® CC - then import, customise, and output in resolutions up to 4K UHD with your NewTek IP Series or TriCaster® TC1 system. Up to 10 simultaneous channels of real-time motion graphics. Live, animated, fully customisable, and available instantly. No render time. No middleware. LEARN MORE

NewTek Remote Storage – Powered by SNS – High-capacity, high-performance, best-of-breed systems with 4 channels of direct NDI® streaming & integrated MAM; 3 varieties of desktop and rack-mounted models available. More will be shared here as Bruce gets it.

NDI Version 3.5 with New & Improved NDI Tools – NDI Scan Converter 2 with vastly improved image quality at full 60Hz; NDI Studio Monitor with many improvements for signage applications, web control and more! Massive optimisations for performance, network connectivity, and discovery, including UDP with FEC (unicast & multicast), plus reference FPGA hardware implementation coming soon! RELEASE NOTES

NewTek Virtualized Products (NVP) – NewTek, Vizrt and Cisco conducted a joint demonstration of virtualised live IP video production and control room automation at NAB 2018 from the Cisco booth. The demonstration included NewTek’s NVP, a virtualised IP Series, 44-input, IP, 4K, 60P live production system, and Vizrt’s Viz Opus compact control room automation system. Both products ran as virtual machines in Cisco’s VMware vSphere with Hypervisor management on Cisco hardware with Horizon View desktop virtualisation. NewTek NDI® IP video streams interconnect the two products, running across a network using a Cisco Nexus 5000 and 9000 series switches.

NewTek Premium Access Subscription Program – NewTek Premium Access provides exclusive access to cutting-edge tools and technology that infuses your system with functionality that no modern video production should be without, including: LiveGraphics™, LivePanel™, Advanced Audio I/O, NDI® KVM, Virtual PTZ and Virtual Set Library. LEARN MORE

TRICASTER TC1 and NEWTEK IP SERIES – FREE software upgrade with a vast array of new features and enhancements. Details and downloads will be made available from NEWTEK SUPPORT SITE

More NewTek News

Video production teams are constantly looking for ways to get back to what they do best…Being Creative! However, managing multiple editors and thousands of files can be a burden that pulls creatives away from their tasks. Through the installation of a ProMAX Platform Workflow Server, production teams can streamline their workflow from Ingest to Archive and get back to being creative.

ProMAX adds full line up of LTO8 Products – ProMAX Platform LTO8 is now supported across all Platform Workflow Servers including Pro-Cache, Portable, Studio, Online & Nearline servers. The hardware is available as both stand-alone LTO8 drives or integrated into tape library systems. All LTO8 hardware is shipping today

GPU and Transcoding Advancements – With an extensive line of professional codecs and formats supported including R3D, ProRes, AVC-Intra, DNx and many more, editors and administrators can simply load footage to their disks and new file formats will be created in the background. These formats can be used for tasks from offline footage preview, online/offline workflows to file delivery, making it easy to access the type of file you need for the task at hand.

More ProMAX News

Just in time for NAB, Australian pro audio powerhouse, RØDE Microphones, is proud to announce its first broadcast-grade, 360-degree surround sound capture microphone and flagship product of a new brand in the RØDE family. The first product for the SoundField By RØDE family is a marriage of SoundField’s pristine ambisonic recording technology, and RØDE’s commitment to audio excellence accessible by all creators.

Completely designed and made in Australia at RØDE’s Sydney campus, the NT-SF1 is a triumph of innovation and manufacturing quality. Featuring four of RØDE’s all-new, ultra-quiet ½-inch TF45C capsules in tetrahedral array, the NT-SF1 produces natural, transparent four channel A-format recordings which can be transformed and manipulated in B-Format, courtesy of the soon-to-be-released SoundField by RØDE plugin.


More RØDE News
Get your hands on the ”fasted tripod in the world” – Sachtler showed for the first time in Vegas its new FLOWTECH technology, a versatile, lightweight tripod that is easier and faster to deploy and adjust than any other tripod. Performance tested in extreme conditions, flowtech™75 is a revolution in tripod technology, giving the camera operator ultimate versatility and improving their workflow.
More Sachtler News

Sonnet Innovated with Thunderbolt at NAB, releasing new Thunderbolt™ 3 editions of its award-winning ECHO™ EXPRESS Thunderbolt-to-PCI Express® (PCIe®) card expansion systems and the Avid®-qualified XMAC™ PRO SERVER, its innovative rack-mount solution with built-in Thunderbolt™ 2 to PCI Express® (PCIe®) card expansion for the Mac Pro® computer. Their powerful EGPU solutions, the EGFX BREAKAWAY BOX and EGFX BREAKAWAY PUCK were also on show and on the storage front, there was the super-portable, super-fast FUSION THUNDERBOLT 3 PCIE FLASH DRIVE to see in action. Finally, if you need to expand your display capabilities on your Thunderbolt-enabled laptop, check out their THUNDERBOLT 3 TO DUAL DISPLAYPORT and THUNDERBOLT 3 TO DUAL HDMI 2.0 adaptors, supporting 4K @ 60p.

More Sonnet News

Introducing HYPERTAPE – High Performance Direct Access Tape

This dynamic system was developed to let users interact directly with files on a tape using their favourite applications for the fastest, simplest LTO tape workflows available anywhere. By building a Random-Access Database (RAD) file for each tape’s media contents, Hyper Tape eliminates the latency seek and restore time typically found on linear tape storage. This allows the LTO tape to behave much like a hard drive for high performance video applications such as NLEs and transcoders.

Also on display was HYBRID DISK / CLOUD

  • Previews of the latest integration of DNAevolution with disk and cloud.
  • A new data mover engine optimised for cloud including a hyper scanner, an SSD catalogue engine and blistering cloud speeds.
  • The engine is optimised for both public (eg. Amazon S3) and private (eg. HGST Activescale) cloud targets

DNAevolution Multi-Gen LT08 Migration

Now also available: DNAevolution with support for LTO-8, the ability to manage multiple generations of LTO drives (LTO-5/6/7/8) in the same library and partition, providing tape to tape migrations across different generations without needing a disk restore. Questions about LTO8 and what it will mean for your archive now and in the future? Have a quick read of the STORAGEDNA LTO-8 SITE, and ask Bruce if you need to know more!


More storageDNA News

Introducing Bolt XT & Bolt LT!

The Bolt XT meets the needs of the most discerning professionals, with powerful software tools and rock-solid performance to smart power options and backward compatibility. Available with a maximum range of 500ft, 1000ft, 3000ft, or 10,000ft, the new Bolt XT line offers a professional solution for every budget.

The Bolt LT takes Teradek’s industry-leading wireless performance and packages it into a streamlined series of zero-delay wireless video systems. The LT line is available in 500ft or 1000ft models, and provides a no-frills, high performance wireless video kit for filmmakers on a budget.

Learn More

New Link Pro Family!

LINK PRO is a high-throughput, dual-band 4G LTE WiFi router, allowing professionals to access high-speed Internet wherever they go. It supports up to 4x 3G/4G/LTE USB modems (including Teradek Nodes) with an additional 2x Ethernet ports.  Pro combines multiple 3G/4G/LTE connections into a single Internet source, offering maximum redundancy, rock-solid dependability and exceptional throughput. With built-in Gold & V-mount battery options and a rugged aluminium chassis, Link Pro is designed to keep you connected in the most challenging environments.

Learn More

LINK PRO BACKPACK is an integrated Link Pro system with 4 built-in high-powered NODE modems perfect for video professionals on the move, packs professional network bonding into a high performance WiFi access point, giving broadcasters, production companies, and first responders reliable, high speed internet access at any location.

LINK PRO RADOME is an integrated Link Pro system with 4 built-in high-powered NODE modems perfect for vehicles or permanent outdoor installations, packs professional network bonding into a high performance WiFi access point, giving broadcasters, production companies, and first responders reliable, high speed internet access at any location.

VIDIU GO is an HEVC / H.264 video encoder that streams directly to live platforms. It supports Ethernet, WiFi, and up to 2x USB modems for 3G/4G/LTE connectivity. It also features dual-input 3G-SDI & HDMI options, making it equally at home on camcorders or larger broadcast cameras.

More Teradek News
TVU Networks, the global technology and innovation leader in live IP video solutions, continued its technological advancements to HEVC, and showed its entire HEVC solution set integrated with the company’s proprietary video transmission technology. The Panasonic AJ-PX270 P2 handheld HD camcorder has been integrated with TVU transceivers, enabling streaming directly to the transceiver via cellular, Wi-Fi or Ethernet from anywhere in the world. PRESS RELEASE

At NAB, TVU also introduced TVU MediaMind, a family of products consisting of TVU Contribution Automation, TVU AI Engine, TVU Real Time Search Engine, TVU Workflow Engine and TVU Producer Pro. From the start of the video production process, all video is immediately indexed based on its metadata by TVU MediaMind’s AI real-time search engine. Using an entirely cloud-based model complete with voice and object recognition, live and pre-produced video clips are located and indexed down to the exact frame and can be shared instantly. PRESS RELEASE

More TVU News

While the functionality had yet to be enabled (waiting on Facebook I believe), the WOWZA CLEARCASTER hardware was built ready to deliver 4K and 360° streaming with a simple software update. While some may appreciate this forethought and future-proofing, the fact is that the majority of content being produced in Australia is HD, and in the broadcast space, this is not likely to change any time soon. Enter ClearCaster 1080 – A 1080p only version with the same crystal clear encoding quality, rock-solid reliability and server room/mobile rack friendly design. Aside from 4K, the new appliance also does away with the Wowza Streaming Cloud 1 year subscription and the comment moderation tools – resulting in system focused on the mission of streaming to Facebook cleanly and simply. Also resulting in a system that is less than half the price of the full featured 4K appliance, which will be welcomed by many who appreciated what Wowza were doing here, but could not stomach the price tag.

This will hopefully open up the ClearCaster to a much broader market! More as Bruce gets it, but for now, CHECK OUT THE DETAILS AT WOWZA.

More WOWZA News
As VR and 360° content continues to progress, Z CAM continues to run at the forefront — now introducing a more cost effective version of its stereoscopic cinema camera. The Z CAM V1 uses the same sensors as the Z CAM S1 — however increasing the number of sensors from four to ten. This allows the camera to produce content at 6k stereoscopic levels at a full 60fps for true high resolution videography.
Also on show, was the M4/3 Z CAM S1 Pro and the new 180° stereoscopic Z CAM K1 Pro. If you are thinking about any kind of 360° or 180° video capture - or live streaming - these cameras should be on the top of your list! LEARN A LITTLE MORE HERE
They have also revamped their cinema camera, and it is absolutely head-turning. The camera – still with a M4/3 form factor – is now capable of 4k content at up to 120fps in HDR and output can be over HDMI 2.0, or optionally 12G-SDI, with frame rate synced on its included LEMO port. What makes this camera particularly attractive though is its smarts. Among the camera’s many features is a smart detection algorithm. The camera can identify objects within its hardware and make this information available over API, for object identification and deep learning algorithms.
More Z CAM News
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