Hello friends!

I know, it's been a while. When you signed up for the CummingsWrites newsletter, it was with the promise that I wouldn't overload your inboxes with marketing mail or useless announcements.

Instead, I've gone to the other extreme, no doubt prompting some of you to try and remember when you signed up.

Where's the words, Michael?

I am, sadly, still not finished with the next Niki Hunter book. The biggest obstacle I am facing isn't in finding the time - time can alway be found. If you follow my personal blog (, you may have seen me post today about what I've been doing instead of writing. For those that aren't interested in the blog, let me sum up: video games, stamps, and a lot of day job. A lot.

But even so, it's always possible to find the time to write. The issue has been that I have had second doubts on whether the current draft will be interesting to you. My biggest fear as a writer isn't actually a lack of readers, but in disappointing the readers that did take the chance on me.

I will be working through that second draft again in the coming months. If anyone is interested in being an alpha reader on an unfinished novel, please feel free to contact me (hitting reply to this email should work too!). I can't guarantee everyone that responds will have a chance, but I'd welcome additional eyes on what I've written so far. 

Look for more newsletters in the coming months, hopefully about one a month. I like to keep the content of the newsletter separate from the blog, although there may be some overlap.

Finally, if you haven't read A Scent of Roses, you can find it for $0.99 still on Amazon, or Free if you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber. And as always, I encourage you to leave reviews on Amazon. Good or bad, reviews are how other readers discover books, and everyone of them is gold.



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