End Lockdown! More People Will Die From Hunger & Poverty Than Covid-19!

South Africa marks its 7th week of the national lockdown, 10–16 May 2020. Despite easing some restrictions on 1 May allowing 1,5 million citizens to return to work, an 8pm – 5am curfew was added. This and other draconian measures have sparked widespread concern that government overreach may cause more harm than good to a country already reeling from the corruption pandemic.   
The chorus of voices demanding an end to the lockdown restrictions are growing daily. Most citizens fear hunger and poverty may kill more people than Covid-19. An estimated 20 percent of the population have no income and no food. Unsurprisingly, government food relief programs are bedeviled by allegations of corruption, nepotism and incompetence.
President Ramaphosa initially said, “imposing a nation-wide lockdown gave our country a strategic advantage. It bought us valuable time to prepare our health system and put in place containment measures. This has slowed transmissions and saved lives.” I agree.
But now that we have had the time to adequately prepare our health system and institute containment measures, the country must be safely opened so people can return to work. Covid-19 deaths currently stand at 206. An already ailing economy further battered by draconian lockdown regulations will cause much more deaths and destruction as business failures, unemployment and poverty soars.
Reports emerged government is using race as a criteria for financial aid. This is despicable and reminiscent of apartheid South Africa. Discrimination based on race, ethnicity or language is unconstitutional. Reverse racism is still racism and must be rejected and strongly condemned.
The ANC government appears to be adopting the totalitarian tactics of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) - using the national lockdown as a convenient cover.  Government now “regulates” freedom of speech and media freedom under the guise of national security concerns. Apparently, lockdown regulations – no matter how irrational – must be obeyed without question.
E-NCA removed two news-anchors for criticizing governments flip-flopping on lockdown regulations. This is unprecedented. When the news-media fears offending government and fails to question its actions, SA will soon resemble Communist China more than a constitutional democracy.
Debate on the Chinese Communist regime’s role in the global Covid-19 pandemic is non-existent in the mainstream media. In fact, what you will find is negative reports on US “claims” contrasted by positive CCP propaganda stories emanating from China. The SA media exclusively reports the views of the discredited World Health Organisation (WHO) without question.

This, while the international media reports, Xi Jinping personally asked WHO Director General, Tedros to delay Covid-19 pandemic warnings to the world. 
South Africans familiar with ANC’s enabling role in State Capture may recognize similar trends here. Alarmingly, however, the ANC’s deepening ties with the authoritarian CCP is much more ominous because of the Chinese Communist dictatorships capture of the mainstream media.   

This powerful 27 min video exposes Wall Street's bankrolling of the CCP which enabled its murderous totalitarian reign of terror and world domination agenda. 
I have written previously that South Africa is governed by the United Nations (UN) by remote control. Policies on education, marriage, family, parenting, children's rights, prostitution, abortion, human sexuality and religious freedoms are mostly influenced by the UN rather than South African citizens. 
South Africa’s response to the coronavirus pandemic is also guided by the corrupt UN agency, the WHO. This may explain the draconian and irrational measures that’s doing more to harm our economy than saving lives.
The UN used the global coronavirus pandemic to grab more power for corrupt agencies like the WHO. The Trump admin threatened to veto a Security Council resolution giving UN agencies more authority and power to advance its agenda.  
A United States Congress investigation reveal expert testimony contradicts the media’s narrative on Covid-19. Lockdowns are doing more harm than good.  
Last week, in response to a UN directive, government announced it will release 19,000 prison inmates to combat the spread of Covid-19. Government once again acted on a call by the UN and failed to consult its own citizens on a policy that will directly impact them. 
Releasing 19,000 convicts into a society in lockdown with spiraling unemployment and mass hunger is bad policy. This is not the time to reduce prison overcrowding. The safety & security of law abiding citizens is governments primary responsibility.

Police have arrested a mother walking her toddler, people wanting to surf and citizens walking down the street "without good reason" - for presenting a danger to the public. But government releases 19,000 criminals for "safety" reasons. 
Faith, family and religious freedoms are under severe strain. Churches remain shut while the need for social care and relief escalates. You and I must pray but we must also act in the best interest of South Africa. Please join the call to safely lift the lockdown restrictions to save and revive our economy.
Errol Naidoo  

We repeat popular programs during the national lockdown.
We repeat popular programs during the national lockdown.
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