Dear Soldier for Christ our Lord,

Half the Philippines will be unemployed the day this stops working.

VIDEO: Fighting Back With Social Media Systems

It's a way to drive massive amounts of real, natural traffic to your websites, podcasts and videos by ranking for very popular, high-traffic, high-value keywords. Which is a big deal in the business world.

Link rings are dead, they say. And link pyramids are dead.

But what about link rings of link pyramids?

The more organic a structure looks, the longer it lives. And when a structure IS ORGANIC and real, it's indistinguishable from reality. 

Have you ever wondered why some videos get 250,000 views while much better videos languish in the hundreds, at most? Well, it's because people are gaming the system.

They choose better YouTube thumbnail images, use click-bait headlines (and email subject lines), spend more money on production value, and use sophisticated online linking strategies.

Yes. Linking strategies. The kind they say died 20 years ago. But they're still using it. You know why? 

Because it still works. You can and will get ranked if your "link wheel" looks natural enough.

And it will look natural enough if it IS NATURAL. But you have to know exactly how to encourage it.

This puts high-ranking bloggers in the top position. Not because they generate quality content.

Yeah. That doesn't work. It never worked. What works is vapid cat videos that don't make anyone think, twerking, gay stuff, shills, vengeance, gaming, tech, distractions, and all the things commies love. Why?

Simple. Because that's THEIR idea of "quality." And that's why they promote the hell out of "Why I No Longer Wear A Bra" videos and "How To Break Your Neck In The Swimming Pool" stunt videos, pranks, and other nonsense.

In addition, the average person isn't always that bright, if Jay Leno's man-on-the-street interviews can be believed. Trump got elected by speaking on a 3rd-grade level. Works. 

On a very related subject, I recently told you about click farms. But what are these Philippinos (and others) clicking on all those phones?

If they're posting things, what are they posting and why?

Very often, they're posting comments with back links all over the internet. Often it's very spammy stuff. There are filters that cut back on this, but I still catch some these days.

In other words, people are still building SEO (search engine optimization) back links. Yep. External links. 

Internal linking is when a blog links to its own content. External links is when other people link to your blog.

This sometimes happens on its own.  But it happens a lot more when you email your buddy and say, "Hey, could you embed my video on your super popular forum?"

To explain why people still go to all the trouble of hiring people to click and re-post on hundreds of cell phones and portable devices, we have to understand that the systems we're fighting aren't perfect.

They will always have weaknesses. Chinks in the armor.

We can exploit their vulnerabilities, just as they exploit ours. This is the battlefield of the 21st century, and they, of course, will stop at nothing to destroy us.

Almost all of your ridiculous notions about fair play, politeness, kindness, and "noble" self-restraint, came from them. Not from God.

You must do whatever works before the enemy slits your throat.

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In service to Christ our Lord, the King of Kings. Hail Jesus!

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