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Blue-Action Winter Newsletter 2021


Just before the Christmas break: In this newsletter we highlight the ongoing work, call for speakers for the Climate Coffees for 2022, recent publications and the proceedings of the final workshop, so please read on!

Proceedings of the workshop
"Multi-annual to decadal climate predictability
in the North Atlantic-Arctic sector"

The proceedings of the last project annual meeting of Blue-Action are now available. The event was organised by Blue-Action, ROADMAP and the Bjerknes Climate Prediction Unit, together with the CLIVAR Climate Dynamics Panel, the CLIVAR Atlantic Region Panel and CLIVAR Northern Oceans Region Panel, to promote research on predictability in the North Atlantic and Arctic sector

Link to the proceedings: 
In the document you can find the abstracts of the talks and the posters for each of the sessions. In addition you can find the highlights of the breakout sessions. Most of the presentations and posters have been made available by the authors. Links pointed at these resources are also listed in the proceedings.

Goals: The workshop aimed to foster scientific exchanges and collaborations on multi-annual to decadal climate predictability, including research on:
  • climate predictability from interannual to multi-decadal timescales and our understanding of the associated physical processes and their representation by models
  • improvement of dynamical prediction systems, and
  • increasing need for actionable information dependent on skillful climate predictions.

Happy reading!
Call for speakers for 2022: Climate Coffees

Blue-Action and the European Climate Research Alliance (ECRA) are looking for new speakers for the first quarter 2022!
In the climate coffees, speakers provide a short talk, followed by discussion, questions and comments. The climate coffees are scheduled at coffee time 11am CET, every second Thursday.

The next talk is scheduled on 23 December with Dim Coumou, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Institute for Environmental Studies (homepage) with a talk on "Is global warming making summer circulation more persistent?"
  • Are you interested in presenting your results? Get in touch with and Chiara Bearzotti
  • See the upcoming calendar here
  • Subscribe to the Climate Coffee mailing list run by ECRA: remember to subscribe again by emailing "SUBSCRIBE" to
Important reminder

If you are part of the Blue-Action team, please don't forget to let us know about your publication or outreach success!
Please drop a mail to Chiara Bearzotti
Here we highlight some of the recent publication that acknowledge Blue-Action, published in collaboration with partners, projects and organisations across the world. Congratulations to all the authors!
From the Blue-Action case studies:
  • Martínez-Solanas È*, Quijal-Zamorano M*, Achebak H, Petrova D, Robine JM, Herrmann FR, Rodó X, Ballester J. Projections of temperature attributable mortality in Europe: a timeseries analysis in 147 contiguous regions in 16 countries. The Lancet Planetary Health, in press (2021). *Contributed equally.
  • Valeeva, V., Gabriel, J., Stephen, K., Nikitina, E., Aksenov, Y., Baronina, Y., Bartels, M. P., Berchelmann, H. H., Davydova, A., Dethloff, K., Grigoriev, M., Handorf, D., Knizhnikov, A., Kotova, L., Kuznetsov, A., Kulikova, O., Semenov, V., Sulyandziga, R., Weger, L. (2021): Preparing for Uncertain Futures: Co-created scenarios for the Russian Arctic. - IASS Discussion Paper, August 2021.
Contributions from the WP1-4:
  • L F Borchert et al 2021, Skillful decadal prediction of unforced southern European summer temperature variationsEnviron. Res. Lett. 16 104017
  • Helene Asbjørnsen, Helen L. Johnson, and Marius Årthun, Variable Nordic Seas Inflow Linked to Shifts in North Atlantic Circulation, American Meteorological Society,
  • Hjálmar Hátún, Karin Margretha H. Larsen, Léon Chafik, The Norwegian Sea Gyre – A Regulator of Iceland-Scotland Ridge Exchanges, Frontiers in Marine Science,
  • Sébastien Barthélémy, · Julien Brajard, · Laurent Bertino, · François Counillon, Super-resolution data assimilation, arXiv, Cornell University,
  • Rémy Bonnet, Olivier Boucher, Julie Deshayes, Guillaume Gastineau, Frédéric Hourdin, Juliette Mignot, Jérôme Servonnat, Didier Swingedouw, Presentation and Evaluation of the IPSL-CM6A-LR Ensemble of Extended Historical Simulations, Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems,
  • Yu-Chiao Liang et al., Impacts of Arctic Sea Ice on Cold Season Atmospheric Variability and Trends Estimated from Observations and a Multimodel Large Ensemble,  American Meteorological Society,
We wish you all the best for the new year:
new projects, new publications and exciting results.

Stay safe and healthy!
Your Blue-Action Project Office

All Blue-Action's open access publications and documents are available in the Zenodo open-access repository.

Check out the latest presentations and reports in our Blue-Action community here, and remember you can use the search bar to find specific results within the community, sort results by date, use key words or filter by type. 

Please contact us if you would like further information about any publications or cannot find what you are looking for. 
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