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EAZWV July'17 News

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Welcome to our July Newsletter. As you might imagine it is full of news about our recent conference in Berlin.
We also cover a number of other important developments including:

  • Launch of the EAZWV working groups - how you can get involved!
  • News on important international legislation - the Nagoya Protocol - and how it may impact movement of biological samples and animals going forwards.
  • Plans for our next conferences,summer schools and workshops.
  • Annual activity report of your association and news on membership fee for 2018

All the best,

Executive Director

PS. To get the most out of this Newsletter do remember to LOGIN to the EAZWV website:  Once you have done this, the links in the text will take you straight to the documents, articles and features we have been working on! From now on, you will always find your username at the top right corner of these newsletters - if you forget your password, you can reset this using the link on the login page.

Running our Organisation

General Assembly:

This year's General Assembly was held at 14:00 on Saturday 27th of May 2017 in Berlin. Our President's report for 2016 can be found here. Our organisation is going from strength to strength and despite a dip in membership associated with not having a conference in Europe last year, we have done better financially than budgeted for and have had more new membership applications this year than ever before!

As well as updating the membership on our activities and plans for the future we also voted in Sabine Oefner and Kim Gruetzmacher to serve again as Treasurer and Vice-Treasurer respectively and Annette Liesegang and  Stamos Tahas to serve as auditors. Many thanks to Sandra Silinski-Mehr, outgoing auditor, for her many years of dedicated service to EAZWV.

New Student Board members were also announced: President: Sara Abreu, Secretary: Johanna Kasberg, Communication Officer: Alex Haake, Education Officer: Natascha Hedegaard. For more information click here.

Members also agreed that the membership fee needs to take into account the changes in exchange rate between Euro and USD (we have to pay JZWM subscriptions in USD) and also inflation within Europe. This will mean that there will be a small increase in fee for 2018 : €168 Full & Associate members, €62 Student/ Retired/ Developing Nation Members ( with €45 for online and €75 for online + printed JZWM subscriptions) and €300 for Institutional Members.
The General Assembly minutes and accompanying slides can be found here.
Many thanks to Debra Bourne and Chris Waltzer for volunteering as rapporteurs!

Board Meeting:

As well as the General Assembly we also held a day long EAZWV Board meeting. This is an opportunity for us to critically review the previous year's activities, to develop strategy and gather views and ideas from the EAZWV advisory board. Minutes of the Board meeting can be found here. - and the accompanying presentation, here.

Delivering the EAZWV strategy - how to get involved:

The 2017 Conference also saw the launch of our new strategy implementation working groups. We have now have 13 groups: Communications & Membership WG, Conference WG, Governance & Partnership WG, Education & Training WG, Ethics & Welfare WG, Finance WG, Sustainability WG, Wildlife conservation WG and 4 joint working groups with EAZA: Biological Resources & Data Sharing WG, Infectious Diseases WG, Legislation WG, Species Management/Vet Advisor WG. More information can be found on these here.

We will be publishing a special edition of the Newsletter soon introducing each of the WG chairs and letting you know how to sign up for these.

Continuing Education

Zoo and Wildlife Health Conference 24-26th May 2017, Berlin

This was a fantastic conference, our biggest yet - with almost 400 attendees from 45 countries. We tried out a new system of reviewing abstracts that involved a lot more member participation and you told us that you were very pleased with the quality of the scientific as well as the great social programme. Conference survey results can be found here.

Special thanks to our local hosts Berlin Zoo and Tierpark and our co-organisers, IZW, to all the volunteer session chairs and workshop leaders, to our speakers and of course all the participants for making this such an enjoyable and high quality conference!

Conference Photos

This year we had a professional photographer, Nina Grützmacher , come join us for a couple of days. Nina is happy to share all of her photos (she has taken some really great portraits of you guys - well worth taking a look). The photos can be viewed by clicking on this link. If you use the photos, please remember to add © Nina Grützmacher and if you use them on facebook, to add Nina's link - more info can be found in the folder.

We are very lucky to have some fantastic photographers in our membership. Do you have photos you would be willing to share? If so do please get in contact! We are particularly keen to get photos of all our award winners...

2nd Joint Conference between EAZWV/AAZV/IZW Prague 2018

We are also busy planning for our next joint conference with AAZV in Prague. To fit in all the great talks we will extend the conference from our usual 3 days to 5 days - bringing the total conference length to a week. The preferred dates are Saturday 6th October 2018 - Friday 12th October 2018 - put the dates in your calendar now.

EAZWV Student 2017 Workshop - 24-27 August, Budapest

The Student Section is happy to announce that this year's EAZWV Student Workshop will be in Budapest, Hungary, from the 24 to 27th of August. We still have a couple of places left so if you want to join us email

What else have we been up to?

Representing EAZWV in Brussels

Our voice is being heard at the EU Commission. EAZWV's Executive Director has represented our views at the recent EU Zoos Directive consultation. The Commission was reviewing whether the Directive is still fit for purpose and what changes are needed. We concluded that the legislation was a positive step forward for welfare and conservation - but that more training and support was needed to assist National Governments implement it.

EAZWV has also been in Brussels this week to contribute to guidance on how we meet our obligations under the Nagoya Protocol. This global convention was ratified in the EU in 2014 and regulates the transfer of biological material (ranging from DNA sequences to live specimens) out of range countries It allows each country to dictate its own terms as to how biological material is used and It will have a big impact on zoo and field and research vets. EAZWV is working together with EAZA to produce some guidance for our sector outlining what we will have to do. We will circulate more information in the coming months. For more information on how Nagoya is being implemented in the EU click here.

News from our Members

Obituary: Dr. László Mezősi (1943-2017)

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to our esteemed colleague Dr. László Mezősi. Amongst other accomplishments he had worked in the official veterinary service of the Democratic Republic of Yemen and worked on epidemiology of camel diseases from 1978-1984, he was the vet of Budapest Zoo from 1989-2003,  veterinary consultant to the Veresegyhaz Bear Sanctuary, a founder member of the Hungarian section of EAZWV, the first President of the national Hungarian association and an Honorary Member of EAZWV. He will be much missed.

Award Winners 2017

We are very pleased to announce the following awards were presented at our conference in Berlin:
  • Rudolf Ippen Young Scientist Award 2017: Johanna Painer
  • Student Presentation Awards: 1st Prize - Anja Reckendorf, 2nd Prize - Rafaela Fiúza, 3rd Prize - Sanatana Soilemetzidou . 
  • Poster Awards: 1st Prize - Quentin Guyennot, 2nd Prize - Lesley Halter, 3rd Prize - William Magnone.
Congratulations All - and thanks also to the review panel for their hard work!
We will be featuring the work of these award winners in future Newsletters.

Member Spotlights and Interviews

We have put together all the articles highlighting the projects and achievements of our community in one simple page. Just click here. And why not contribute with an article of your own? We're looking forward to share our members accomplishments to advance zoological medicine and help wildlife!

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