Volume 1, Issue 1 - 3/24/17
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Broach wear and how to slow it down

Special points of interest:
  • Set up a frequency to inspect tools
  • Document the results in pieces ran or in inches cut
  • Be sure to watch the corner of the spline for wear
  • All of these things will cause burrs
For every person that has ever had anything to do with broaching the main thing we all have in common, is how can I get my broach to last as long as possible.

The picture on the left shows a broach tool that has been ran too long. The cutting edge has excessive abrasion and the corners of the spline has broken down and will be a major factor in the tool not cutting to size and causing a large exit burr, and premature failure.

The secret to minimizing these conditions is to monitor the broach while it is in  use, by inspecting the broach at regular intervals and document the amount of wear from the last inspection, and the total amount of wear, being sure not to exceed an amount of 5-10% of the total width of the cutting tooth. These numbers can vary but they are a good format to follow.

As you are monitoring the wear of the cutting edge and corner, you should start to notice how the wear will progress faster as you are farther along with your inspections. So the trick to get the optimum tool life is to pull the broach from service for sharpening when you have reached the 10% wear or when you document the wear growing at a rate that is exceeding the previous intervals.

An excellent way to set up your interval is by the amount of pieces broaches or by the amount of linear inches that the broach has cut. Both work well but the inch method can be used to compare different parts of the same material.

- By Michael Johnson

How to ship your broaches
Broaches damaged in shipping, and this is a problem we see often. It is a shame to see what should be a broach come to us for sharpening and then while reviewing a tool find that it has come in contact with another broach in the box that they were shipped in.

We all must be sure that when shipping a broach we make sure the tools are wrapped with a packing material that is firm enough to withstand the broach tools cutting through and there fore not damaging each other.

We also have to make sure the broach does not become a battering ram inside the package and actually break the end of the container and fall out to lost forever in the fifth dimension of the UPS wear house.

- By Michael Johnson
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