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If you have ever wondered how the length of a broach tool is determined, then you should read this and by the end you will have enough information to understand the factors that go into determining the length.
The first thing that must be determined is the length of the form that needs to be cut. The longer the length of cut, the longer the distance between the teeth must be. The next determining factor is the depth of cut, or how much material will be removed. The simple fact is, if there is a lot of material to be removed, then the broach will need a lot of teeth, and the more teeth that there are the longer the broach tool must be.

Now, the next consideration is to determine how aggressively you want the broach to cut. If each tooth is to cut a large amount of material it will reduce the number of teeth but increase the force required to pull the broach. With a large rise per tooth, it will start to fill the area between the teeth with heavy chips. When the chips fill this area between the teeth it will make it difficult to remove these chips and they will start to pack together and not clear for the next pull of the broach tool. If the chips do not clear they will pack together and, eventually create a potential failure.

The illustration on the right shows a broach tool with proper chip form and a light rise per tooth. You can see how the chips resemble clock springs and they will fall off very easily. This is the desired condition that will help a broach tool last as long as possible.

So, now the next time a part must be broached you can have an idea what the factors are that go into determining the length and that will help you make the best decision on what machine you want to use. Until next time.

Michael Johnson

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