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Lines in your parts:

In today's machining industry, sizes are not the only thing that you have to be concerned about. Part finish is just as big of a concern as anything else, and in many cases it is the main contributing factor that determines if a part is acceptable or not. It can be very frustrating to start using a broach tool and find the first part has a line in the surface finish that is not suppose to be there. What causes this line and how to make it go away? The picture shows a broach tool that was producing a line in the part and the damage that you see is only on one tooth of the entire broach tool, and it was most likely caused by the broach tool coming in contact with a metal object against the cutting edge.                        
With the smallest amount of damage on the cutting edge it will almost certainly start to show imperfections in the part. They may not mean a failure in the sizes and with some luck they might fade away. But the odds of these problems disappearing are rare and the likely scenario is that the damage on the broach tool will become more severe and so will the imperfection in the part. How can we avoid this problem? The answer is simple to say, (just don't bump the tools) but we all know to eliminate that all together would be next to impossible. Some of the best methods are the simplest. Storing the broaches in wood boxes or plastic tubes works very well and have a designated area for storage is critical.

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