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  • Investing in SuDS to improve Budgets and Environments
  • Wales: Working with SABS on Development Applications
  • SuDS: Understanding the Cost Benefits

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Useful blog posts on SuDS

London Sustainable Drainage Proforma Launched

All London Lead Local Flood Authorities (LLFAs) now require planning applications to include a completed version of the London, SuDs, Sustainable Drainage Proforma. It sets a clear standard for the information that should be provided in a sustainable drainage strategy for all development in London.

The proforma is intended to ensure that key information is provided with the initial planning application, reducing the need to request additional information throughout the assessment process and preventing delays in approval.

What are the Benefits of SuDS for Developers?

As a supporting member of Susdrain, we recently attended the 20th Project Steering Group meeting (RP1079) in London. One of the key discussion points concerned how the wider benefits of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) were being explained to the developer community.

We have a key role in connecting best practice with industry and to dispel the myth that the imposition of a SuDS condition can render sites economically un-viable.

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Welcome to our June e-newsletter

This month's focus is on SuDS, discussing how SuDS can save costs, and more detail on the Welsh regulations introduced back in January.

Investing in SuDS to improve Budgets and Environments

Urban Authorities are increasingly looking at the role of the Natural Capital Investment Plan to mobilise existing and new sources of funding. 

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) are seen as an example where both the environment and budgets are improved for the better.

Read our full blog post here on the approach.

Wales: Working with SuDS Approval Bodies (SABs) on Development Applications

All new Welsh developments are now required to include Sustainable Drainage Systems which comply with National Statutory SuDS Standards. Part of this process includes sign off by the relevant SAB to the Local Authority in which a planning submission for development is made.

GeoSmart can engage in early discussions with the SAB, in advance of the pre-application submission, to confirm their broad agreement of our drainage strategy and requirement for further details.

SuDS: Understanding the Cost Benefits

Developers and their architect/planning consultant partners can use SuDS to engage multiple stakeholders and to support the business case to partnership fund SuDS delivery and maintenance. Understanding which sites derive the greatest cost benefit is critical to developers so that their inclusion makes economic sense.

We look at a specific example of an new build estate in Hampshire and its cost-benefits to the developer and residents.

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