Its been 2 weeks since we went public with the idea of the book and started gathering support. You are one of our earliest believers and nothing can replace the trust you have placed in us at such an early stage. We both are truly grateful for that.
During the course of this project, we intend to be fully transparent with you and give you all the gory details of everything that is going on behind the scenes. We have therefore decided to write a bi-weekly update of how we are progressing towards our goal of creating this book.
This is our first update and we do hope you like it! :)
In the first 2 weeks of our pre-launch, we have been fortunate enough to raise about 43% of our goal. We are trying to raise a small amount of INR 2 lacs (~3k USD) and we are off to a great start because of awesome folks like yourself. We still have a long way to go, so do help us by telling more people about it.
Some people have asked us why we want to make the book in the first place; if such books already exist. Our thought process is simple, it doesn't matter how many such books exist, the world needs more of them and the more, the merrier. 
Our research tells us that such books exist in the West but it’s really hard to come across such a book focused on Indian women. We found ourselves struggling to find a cohesive and engaging read on Indian women alone. We truly believe that a resource which focuses on Indian women will be invaluable and many Indians will certainly appreciate it.
Work has been ongoing on character selection for the book. Character selection is an exciting process but the more we research, choosing just 26 women is becoming a challenging task. While letters like 'A' and 'M' have a selection problem as there are many candidates, letters like 'W' are sparse and tricky. Can you think of iconic Indian women whose names begin with 'W'?
In our next update, we will give you a glimpse of the characters we have finally selected. Some of these characters are those you will recognize and some will surprise you. We sure hope you like them.

Garima & Rajat

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