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Another newsletter! What the hell's happening, I'm on fire!

As part of my ongoing effort to get various newsletters back up and running, I'm going to be attempting to blog bi-weekly on my personal blog and bi-weekly on the Progression blog. If you want to sign up to the newsletter you can do that here.

This week I've written about writing. I've found it really hard to 'fit writing in' but more and more it feels like writing is actually what I do.

So when people ask me what I am now, perhaps I'm closest to a junior content designer. Trying to write the world to rights, and becoming more comfortable with my own voice online.

You can read the full post here: Am I a junior content designer?

Am I a junior content designer?

In other news, we did a big release this week and I interviewed one of my heroes for the podcast – I now have three great episodes in the can for the second series, coming out soon. Ooh also if you're into product and want to come watch me speak at Jam in October, we can hang out!

I'm currently on a train to Dartmoor forest to hang with my brother in law's family for some downtime (two under 10's, two dogs! Not sure how relaxing it'll be but it's sure gonna be fun).

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