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It's been over a month since my last update, so high time for another one.

Big news: I decided what my first product should be! I'm building the first ever toolkit for design leaders to build their team's progression framework. I have a few customers, so it's real...

Still on the rollercoaster of solo founding - high highs (like that first order, wow) and some unproductive moments.

Today I'm working in the Wellcome Collection library, which I can thoroughly recommend. Also I've learned that Chopin gets me into flow state.

I have one ask this time round: Do you know any design leaders that might need help with progression for their teams? I'd love to test Progression Pack on them.

More details below...

Love you all



📦 I decided what my first product will be: The first ever progression framework builder for design teams. (Think of it like the Google design sprint book but for org design)

After nearly calling it 'Beanstalks' I had a last minute change to the (much better) Progression Pack. The landing page has various issues with it, namely that it doesn't really explain what the product is. I'm looking to rectify that before launch in September.

I'm now working on the product itself, which is involving a lot of writing. I'm enjoying it a lot more than I thought actually, though it's a fairly daunting task - I suspect it will be not far off 30,000 words when done. If anyone wants to proof read let me know. 

Check it out at, and my design principles on Medium. I also started a community for tech career progression. Here's your invite

⚗️I'm organising a pilot for a couple of design teams. (This is where you can help)
I've filled a couple of my pilot slots, but I'd love to fill at least one more. If you know a design team who might be up for being a guinea pig, please do introduce me. You'd be doing me a solid!

🏢 I started a company, Make and Grow.
I needed to be able to charge some clients, so a company was born. This is official.
Make and Grow not only reflects what I want my end users to do, but what I'm doing myself. It's kind of a meta-name. My wife doesn't like the name, but you can't win 'em all!

You can check out the (very basic) website at and follow me on twitter at @mkgrw

I wrote some blog posts:


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