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We started this year talking about how you can measure change (and why you need to in order to make change stick). We could not have predicted the sweeping behavioural changes that were going to happen in the next few months. 

As humans, we don't cope well with change so we should all be raising a glass this December for how well we have performed through this year.  Usually, change happens slowly, and over time. Small nudges become ingrained in our behaviours, then the culture of our social identity and finally our behaviours as as natural as if we were born with them. 

Yet, establishing the behaviours we want is not quick and easy. As we see each January with your resolutions. 

This month in the blog, we look at how email has changed our behaviours over the past two decades and what we can learn from this as leaders. 

Enjoy the read and your end of year drink of choice. 


What your emails can tell you about your changing behaviour

Email helps us look at how our behaviours have changed at work and home over a couple of decades. As technology changes how we work, the way we approach email highlights how those nudges are ingrained into our social identity. Find out what leaders can take from our changing email behaviour for wider team behaviours. 

Read the Blog (6 min read)

BT has been part of our beta-testers for our updated Team Health tool. 

As workspaces become more fluid this year, we updated the tool to understand how working locations impact the team culture. We look at this and other factors within the team to measure the four dimension of team culture: wellbeing, resilience, emotional connection, and psychological safety. 

You can about read what BT thinks of the tool here.

The map is not the territory
An interesting look at how maps are models of reality and their limitations. If you're mapping out your 2021 plan, this is well worth a read to make sure you're using the right map for your purpose. 

Read here (5 minutes)

Spotify's Failed Squad Goals
If you want an example of how following the wrong map can be problematic for your team, have a read about how Spotify no longer follows the 'Spotify model' for their teams. 

Read here (8 minutes)

3 Secrets of resilient people
Resilient people tend to have a more positive outlook on the world. Watch Lucy Hone's TED talk, which is particularly relevant.  

Watch here (16 minutes)

3 Ways We Can Help

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Thanks for reading and have a great Sunday.

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