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 National Spiritualist Educator
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An Affiliated Educational Branch of the National Spiritual Alliance of The U.S.A. 
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September 2019 - Expanded Edition 


Welcome to the National Spiritualist Educator

This newsletter publication is dedicated to the Rev. G. Tabor Thompson, Spiritualist Medium, publisher of Spiritualist publications and founder of  The National Spiritual Alliance of the United States of America, Inc. 

We will presenting articles relating to Spiritualism, Natural Laws, Metaphysics ,Spiritualists in history, Mediumship and much more. 
By Rev. John Midura
Many people who practice Spiritualism are mostly familiar with phenomena or the religious aspect. Few people realize that there is a philosophical and scientific aspect to Spiritualism. And, both the philosophy and science of Spiritualism is most evident in Natural Law.
So what is Natural Law? To understand Natural Law, we must first realize the it is applied to every single aspect of our lives. Natural Laws are the intelligent and controlling laws that govern the entire universe and every dimension within and without. Natural Laws are both Physical and Spiritual which operate together. They are not one set of laws and another set of laws but work together as one continuing spectrum. Think of Natural Law in a linear form with Physical Laws on one end and Spiritual Laws on the other. As one approaches the middle of that line, this is where the two sets of laws work together.
In High School Physics classes many of us learned about Physical Natural Laws such as the Laws of Acceleration, Continuity of Energy, and Gravitation. But, to be sure, we never learned about Spiritual Natural Laws which is where this article begins.
There are a number of Spiritual Natural Laws but three of them very closely and relate to each other. They are The Law of Cause and Effect, Law of Compensation, and the Law of Retribution.
The Law of Cause and Effect basically states that “for every action there is a reaction”. We constantly set in motion a cause that will affect our lives in one way or another. The cause can be either something physical or mental, and will result in a likewise effect. Even as you think about this paragraph, I’m sure your mind is already spinning examples both physical and mental causes and effects.

The Law of Compensation is defined as “payment for services rendered or injury suffered”, however it is generally thought of in a positive way. Generally speaking, one will be compensated for a good deed or action. There is one particular caveat. The good deed must be done from the heart without any expectation of compensation. Doing a good deed with the expectation of reward cancels out the positive aspect and converts it something negative. If you donate a sum of money and expect to be duly recognized or expect special treatment of any kind, then the positive act is canceled out and actually becomes a negative act called pride.
The Law of Retribution essentially teaches that we “reap what we sow.” It is generally regarded as the result of something negative, either physical or mental. An example would be something negative befalling someone who spreads false rumors, information, or stories about another person. Lesson 4 of Morris Pratt Institute states “one can expect to receive retribution for injury done to another person.” In the Eastern traditions, it is the negative aspect of Karma. What can be learned from this? If you are injured by someone, don’t worry about it, and don’t wish harm to the injuring person. Just be confident that the Laws of Retribution will effectively take care of the situation whether physically or mentally.
As mentioned earlier, these three laws, Cause and Effect, Compensation, and Retribution work very closely together. They are essentially presented and evident in TNSA’s Principle 6:

Cause produces effect through thoughts, words, and deeds.
We create ourselves and our circumstances

and are alone responsible for our choices and creations.

Rev. John Midura is a TNSA Life Member, an ordained Spiritualist Minister, Reformed catholic Priest, Past President of TNSA, Past Pastor of Thompson Temple, a certified Spiritual Healer, a certified Medium, and graduate of The Morris Pratt Institute Spiritualism Program.  Rev. Midura is also a staff instructor for Tabor Thompson Institute. 

What Is The Tabor Thompson Institute?

Tabor Thompson Institute (TTI) is the educational division of The National Spiritual Alliance of the United States of America, Inc. (TNSA), an interfaith Spiritualist denomination incorporated in 1913.TTI has been developed to provide education in the form of on-site and on-line classes and workshops for various certifications in spiritual healing, mediumship, ordained ministry, chaplaincy, and other subjects relating to the philosophy, science, and religion of Spiritualism. 

What is the structure of TTI?
TTI requires that all students complete a core set of subjects comprised of the History of Spiritualism,
Meditation, Spiritual Healing, and Mediumship. Once completed, the student may continue on by
enrolling in various modules that will further enhance their spiritual experience. Some of those modules
may be ordained ministry, animal chaplaincy, paranormal investigations, metaphysical science
practitioner, and religious science practitioner.

What is the Spiritual Core?

The Spiritual Core is the central group of courses that all students of TTI must complete before
progressing to any particular module. There are four basic elements to the Spiritual Core.

1.) Ancient & Modern Spiritualism
2.) Meditation
3.) Spiritual Healing
4.) Applied Mediumship Series 

Anyone seeking certification in spiritual healing or mediumship must complete the entire CORE.

The Spiritual Core

Courses  1 through 7

Course 1 - Ancient and Modern Spiritualism with discussion of important leaders such as Swedenborg,
Mesmer, A. J. Davis, A. C. Doyle, and many who followed in Modern Spiritualism. Included history of major Spiritualist churches including TNSA.

Course  2 - Becoming a Spiritualist – Overview of H. Gordon Burroughs Book, review of TNSA’s principles

Course  3 - Spiritual Healing - Study and practice spiritual hands-on healing along with many other energy based healing modalities. (This class will satisfy the minimum education requirements for Spiritual Healer certification.)  This course covers many modalities of Spiritual Healing and stresses the importance of using TNSA approved techniques for certification, with hands-on practice.

Course 4 -  Meditation - This course emphasizes the importance of frequent meditation. Many types of meditation techniques will be covered.

Courses In Applied Mediumship -
Courses 5 to 7 -  
(These four courses  will satisfy the minimum education requirements for TNSA Medium certification.)

Course  5 -    Phenomena – Mental Mediumship – All the "Claires" - Retrocognition, Precongnition, Prophesy –Psychometry – Inspirational Speaking & Writing – Telepathy - Independent & Automatic Writing – Other Types of  Mental Mediumship

Course 6 -    Phenomena – Physical Mediumship – Rappings – Use of Tools, Slates, Trumpets, Typewriting,   Photography, Voice recordings – Materialization – Transfiguration – Rapports – Other Types of Physical  Mediumship.

Course 7 -    Public Message Work
Message work is the cornerstone of Spiritualism and the demonstration of spirit communication. Students will  study the dynamics of the séance, the proper way to give readings, platform readings, readings at a church  service, psychic fair readings.

The student will learn how to get to know and develop a meaningful relationship with their Spirit Guides.  In  addition, discussion of ethics in public message work, responsibilities of the medium, legal considerations, church  affiliation of the medium will be included.  


Tabor Thompson Institute

Application for Enrollment -
Next Series Begins September 30, 2019

1.        Tabor Thompson Institute admits students of any race, color, religion, sex, age,disability,  
marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, and national or ethnic origin.

2.        The TTI Application must be completed in entirety, and submitted or postal mailed to the attention of the Dean of Academics and Vocations. All applications must be received and signed in the applicant's own hand. E-mailed applications will NOT be considered.

3.         Once the application has been received, approved, and payments have been received, an e-mail will be sent to the student as confirmation and authorization to begin the courses.

4.        The CORE, Modules, and classes have detailed outlines which should be carefully studied by each student. Any questions may be directed to the Dean of Academics and Vocations.

5.        Students of TTI are required to successfully complete all assignments before being  issued any certificates of completion.

6.        All courses must be paid in advance. Payment may be made by check, money order, or via Paypal through the TTI website or The National Spiritual Alliance website at A returned check fee of $30 will be charged. Please make all

7.        Each student must complete the TTI CORE set of courses before proceeding to any module.

8.        The student is additionally responsible for all costs for books and related supplies.

9.        Completion of all written tests and assignments must be printed by the student and postal mailed directly to Tabor Thompson Institute, c/o The National Spiritual Alliance, PO Box 88, Lake Pleasant, MA 01347 or handed directly to the course presenter if course is in person. 

Click On link below to download application. 
TTI Application For


The tuition rate for 2019 is $50.00 per class. Courses requiring multiple classes will be charged multiples of $50.00.

The Spiritual CORE consists of seven classes which would be normally charged a total of $350.00. However, should the student sign-up for the entire CORE, the total charge will be $300.00, a $50.00 savings!


Payments may be made by check or  money order payable to The National Spiritual Alliance or TNSA, and submitted or mailed to PO Box 88, Lake Pleasant, MA 01347.  

If you would like to use a major credit card and would like to be emaled and invoice or have other questions, please email us 

Required Textbooks for the Spiritual Core

Becoming a Spiritualist - by H. Gordon Burroughs. Copies can be obtained through The National Spiritual Alliance at the Thompson Temple or by email at or at  www.nsacorg. This book is given free of charge to new TNSA members.  It is not available through any bookseller.

*The Complete Idiot's Guide to Communicating with Spirits by Rita S. Berkowitz and Deborah S. Romaine

*Buckland's Book of Spirit Communication by Raymond Buckland

*Meditation for Beginners — Techniques for Awareness Mindfulness & Awareness by Stephanie Clement Ph.D.

*Where Two Worlds Meet— How To Develop Evidential Mediumship by Janet Nohavec withSuzanne Giesemann

*Spiritualism & Clairvoyance for Beginners: Simple Techniques to Develop Your Psychic Abilities by Elizabeth Owens

*Available for purchase on and Kindle. Please use the link on the special Amazon banner below and order your bonks for the courses  as The National Spiritual Alliance will receive a donation for each purchase.

Certificates of Course Completion will be issued upon successful completion of all course 
assignments and verification of tuition payments.

Mediumship and Spiritualism is not  Card Reading, Using Crystals , Astrology, Numerology, Palm Reading, etc.. It is the evidential communication with entities of the Spirit World and The Worlds Beyond.   Mediums are not psychic counselors, intuitive counselors or neo-metaphysical  New Age practitioners.  Mediums are historically individuals who are adept and certified in communicating with the spirit world, are Spiritualists  and members of a Spiritualist Church or Center.  

Tabor Thompson Institute can help individuals learn about the History, Science, Philosophy and Religion of Spiritualism, and develp necessary skills to become a Certified Medium with The National Spiritual Alliance of The U.S.A. 

This video clip presentation features internationally famous  British Spiritualist Medium,  Gordon Higgiinson Demonstrating Mediumship. . (17 November 1918 – 18 January 1993)

Excerpt from the address of the world famous Spiritualist. 
...Our spirits witness, from one eternity to another, that there must be an adequate cause for the grand yet awful phenomena of creation -that creation, in a word, is but the effect of a mighty cause. What matters it how in any age or any form of speech we name the first Great Cause? Let the heart’s utterances testify of God, and they still will say, “Our Father!”
     From the hour when we wake to the consciousness of life, from the age when we feel that we binding us about, -even when we realize a feeling of responsibility within, extending from our earthly life into the dim and untried mystery of the hereafter, -by the voice of conscience, -by all that we have ever known or felt as man, our reason has determined that there MUST BE A GOD; and we as His creatures are bound to Him in spiritual ties that express themselves in the necessity of prayer, and praise, and worship. And with this ceaseless revelation of man’s own consciousness, recognizing himself and therefore his Creator, crying, “I am, O God, and therefore Thou must be,” -from this point man feels that whatsoever of earthly toil and labour his energetic nature and intellectual being propels him to do, is performed in obedience to the viewless power he worships as God, Hence, in the earliest periods of man’s existence he was a worshipper, a religious being; and in his earliest child-like state of natural intuition nearer in aspiration and inspiration to a spiritual life than now.
     The multitude of objects that now distract his thoughts, and engross his intellectual nature, existed not for him then. On the contrary, all was to him a vast and unknown realm; a world which, to his ignorance, was veiled in profoundest mystery. The earth whereon he trod slowly revealed to him its nature; but ever as he searched through the unfolding law of cause and effect, spring-time and harvest, growth and decay, resolved  themselves from miracle into the domain of  natural law, mystery receded, and science echoed the eternal cry of man’s searching mind in the ages, “Light, more light!” And ever as light came with search, a broader field of exploration opened upon his view, whose dim horizon, mystery, became plain knowledge. And thus throughout the boundless realms of nature, mystery has receded before the light of science, and science is itself God’s revelation of His laws through man. 
   Man queried wherefore winter chilled the earth, and why the sunbeams fell with such diminished force on starving nature at certain seasons of the year? Then he must speculate why it returned to light again the earth with renewed life and vigour in the spring, and in such glorious majesty culminated to full splendour in midsummer? He asked these mysteries of nature, and no sooner would his inquisitive intellect search into the causes of change, than behold! The Light-bringer, Inspiration, speaks to his intellect through the sciences of astronomy, physics, and natural history. He turns the open page of God’s Gospel in the earth, and earth, air, sunlight, darkness, pain, and death, become his teachers, until the gathered experience of succeeding ages writes answers full in science. Age after age has each one added its monumental stone to the great cairn of Revelation until it has mounted to the skies, and rears a platform on which man standing, gauges the heavens, measures the heights of air, sounds the ocean’s depths, explores and understands his earth, and beholds what was once to him the mystery of God, His most glorious page of open Revelation! ...

Principles of
The National Spiritual Alliance
As we progress toward perfection, each soul chooses its own path and moves forward at its own pace; nevertheless, TNSA 
recognizes certain basic principles which help straighten that path and quicken that pace. The TNSA Principles as amended at the 2010 annual meeting follow:
Infinite Intelligence is Deity, the designing and creating
energy for all that exists. Existence is essence,
guidance, meaning, purpose.
From one source came all. No matter surface
differences, all is within us and each of us is within all else.
The soul is eternal. While the body dies,
the spirit lives on.
Spirit transcends dimension. All souls, flesh
and spirit, communicate with each other.
Truth is eternal. We seek truth within
ourselves, from other souls, sacred writings, and the natural
order which sustains us.
Cause produces effect through thoughts, words, and deeds.
We create ourselves and our circumstances
and are alone responsible for our choices and creations.

Patience is the path to tolerance and tolerance is the path to
love. We associate with this alliance to
lovingly cooperate with ALL who seek spiritual understanding.
Copyright © 2019 The National Spiritual Alliance, All rights reserved.

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