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TNSA Spiritualist News
The National Spiritual Alliance of The U.S.A. Inc.
2 Monague Ave. - Lake Plesant MA  01347
Online Spiritualist Service
Week of April 5, 2020

TNSA Weekly Spiritualist Service Presentations

Online weekly service is available and ready for viewing.  
Due to the COVID 19 situation Sunday Services at the Thompson Memorial Temple have been suspended.until it is deemed safe to gather again.  

During this time will be presenting virtual Spiritualist Service presentations.   The presentations will present a variety of spiritual topics.  Speakers may include TNSA ministers, special guests or video clips of  people of international fame.

The presentation is also available for viewing on our Facebook, page at and can be downloaded from our website at

The presentation will be uploaded to our Facebook page first and then our website links will be updated at a later time. The archive of the services is available on Facebook only.

The National Spiritual Alliance -
106 Years of Spiritualism in the U.S.A. 

.The National Spiritual Alliance (TNSA) was formed by Rev. G. Tabor Thompson and several members when it separates from the former New England Spiritualist Campmeeting Association (NESCA) and following separate Spiritualist paths. On  September 12, 1913 The National Spiritual Alliance of the United States of America originated with incorporation papers as a church corporation by the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. TNSA continues to be an active Spiritualist center. Several thousand people visit Thompson Temple annually to participate in Sunday services, Psychic Development Circles, Psychic Fairs, classes, workshops, and other offerings.
The National Spiritual Alliance of the United States, Inc., was founded to ordain ministers, charter churches, missions and other affiliates nationally, certify mediums and healers and provide spiritual and religious education to meet its mission and promote The National Spiritual Alliance denomination of Spiritualism; which includes the belief in reincarnation.  TNSA is a recognized denomination in the United States. 
The Thompson Memorial Temple was donated by Mrs. Almira Thompson, wife of the late, G. Tabor Thompson. It is the flagship church of the National Spiritual Alliance. It was once a printing house where Spiritualist publications were printed by G. Tabor Thompson.  The building was donated by Mrs. Thompson to TNSA for conversion as a center of worship for the community of Spiritualists who visited Lake Pleasant from all parts of the world. It was intended to be the flagship church of the National Spiritual Alliance.
Lake Pleasant was once a vibrant small community with a railroad station, hotel, and small stores, guest houses and cottages around the lake. You can read more in Spirit and Spa.
While TNSA once had three vice presidents to assist in managing the temple, regional and national affairs; we currently only have one vice president. 

Below is a organizational chart which may assist you to understand how The National Spiritual Alliance Is organized and operates. 
      Mrs. Almira Tabbor Thompson  Date Unkown
In Front of the Thompson Memorial Temple
Lake, Pleasant M.A. .

Cancelled for April  2020

Medium/Psychic Fair


TNSA holds a monthly Psychic Fair on the last  Saturday of each month. Several readers are  available who practice readings from  igher powers, Tarot, divination and other modalities of  mediumship. Reiki and spiritual  healings are also available. The charge is $20.00 for a 20 minute reading or healing.
Certified Mediums and need to respond to the Medium/Psychic Fair Manager confirm you will be reading at the fair this month.  TNSA Certified Mediums should make every effort to participate in this important fundraising event and continue to publicly demonstrate your mediumship.  Mediums may also call the TNSA office at 413-367-0138 to schedule yourself for the fair. 

If you are a vendor and wish to rent space at our monthly fairs please contact us for information. We welcome, book authors, aura photographers, craft sellers and jewelry makers to rent space during the Medium/Psychic Fairs.  

 Principles of The National Spiritual Alliance
As we progress toward perfection, each soul chooses its own path 
and moves forward at its own pace; nevertheless, TNSA 

Principles as amended at the and quicken that pace. The TNSA
recognizes certain basic principles which help straighten that path 
2010 annual meeting follow:
Infinite Intelligence is Deity, the designing and creating
energy for all that exists. Existence is essence,
guidance, meaning, purpose.
From one source came all. No matter surface
differences, all is within us and each of us is within all else.
The soul is eternal. While the body dies,
the spirit lives on.
Spirit transcends dimension. All souls, flesh
and spirit, communicate with each other.
Truth is eternal. We seek truth within
ourselves, from other souls, sacred writings, and the natural
order which sustains us.
Cause produces effect through thoughts, words, and deeds.
We create ourselves and our circumstances
and are alone responsible for our choices and creations.
Patience is the path to tolerance and tolerance is the path to
love. We associate with this alliance to
lovingly cooperate with ALL who seek spiritual understanding.
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