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Interview with Trent Augenstein and Joseph Lemire

Josh Sharpe asked Pin Stadium to be an official partner and sponsor, now it's official!!  But what does that mean and what is Pin Stadium going to do for the IFPA this year in 2019?  How will it benefit you as a player or tournament director?

Let's ask Trent Augenstein (currently #6 IPFA ranked player) and Joseph Lemire (IFPA tournament director) to see what they have to say.  This should be interesting.... ;)

Trent Augenstein

From an high ranking IFPA world class player perspective, what benefits do you see with Pin Stadium sponsoring and supporting the IFPA?   The biggest benefit for me is more games having better lighting. Being able to see the ball well is crucial to getting high scores.  The Pinstadiums help reduce glare from overhead lighting and the backbox.

How will this help to further transform the IFPA players and coordinators going forward?   Hopefully this new technology like this will be adopted to allow players to do even better!

As a well known pinball distributor (, what is your view of the benefits for the customer when installing Pin Stadium on new machines and old?  Better lighting on games that have poor GI. Such as TAF and DP, etc.

Joseph Lemire

From an IFPA program perspective, what benefits do you see with Pin Stadium sponsoring and supporting the IFPA?  My first exposure to the system was at Replay FX this past year when I played on the stage during the intergalactic tournament and watched the Pinburgh finals from the crowd. I remember wondering how the games were so well lit on the stage and it was not until later I found out Pin-Stadium was how it was done. It is really impressive how well lit it can get games while also keeping it looking like it was always that way. It is a huge improvement for older games where you might struggle to see the ball, especially early DMD before LCD came on the scene. 

What is your view of the benefits for collectors when using Pin Stadium?  I think it is perfect for the people who still want the brightness of LED bulbs but avoid the harsh impact it can have. I can see this system replacing the need for spotlights and other bright illumination.

What do you see being the benefits specifically for competitive players while they train for events and on the day of the competition?  I think the advantages of being able to see the whole playfield clearly and evenly is a great benefit. I know personally I can struggle sometimes with ball tracking between the transition of light and dark areas. This can also get very bad when bright flashers are used in parallel with these issues.

How will this help to further transform the IFPA players and coordinators going forward?  I know I am personally looking forward to using the system for the upcoming Pin-Masters of New England series in 2019. I am excited to see the IFPA grow along with the rest of pinball in 2019.  

Also we heard that you recently won a set of Pin Stadiums for being a supporter of the great things Jeff is doing over at TWIP (  Can you tell us about what you think of TWIP and what you did to win?  I absolutely love TWIP, outside of actually playing pinball it is the highlight of my pinball week. Every Monday and Tuesday I cannot wait to hear what is going on in the world of pinball with the latest news and rumors. It is the best way I can keep up to date with what is going on while also being able to avoid the often toxic environment of pinside. All I did to win was support Jeff on patreon, which I have from the start because I feel the hard work he does for pinball, he deserves to be paid for it. Even if I never won anything, I would be very happy knowing I am helping him out for how much enjoyment I get out of his site.

Important:  Pin Stadiums have the ability to be set for tournament/stream mode for constant illumination which equates to better ball tracking for players and viewers at all times.  This is how they were used by Doug from PAPA at Pinburg for their Final 12 stream.  He said that this was the absolute best their streams ever looked and that the players came up thanking him for making the decision to use them in the tournament.  Even better, after the tournament is over you can go back to the normal impressive theatrical benefits of using them to sync with modes and add dazzling effects that Pin Stadium is well known for.

If you have any questions or would like some more information on how Pin Stadium can help benefit you as a player or to help sponsor your local (US and International) tournament group with prizes and giveaways please reach out to:  You will be glad you did!

The IFPA has a special discount arrangement with Pin Stadium that saves players and tournament directors 10% OFF their products available at: 

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