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By Tom Ffiske // 19 August 2020
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Let's talk about Sony's (possible) VR strategy. As Jamie Feltham from UploadVR noted, Sony is looking for VR personnel to join the team as they broaden out their search for talent. Makes sense, right? The PlayStation VR (PSVR) has been relatively successful, and we've heard rumours about the PSVR 2 for some time. 

Well... not exactly. Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) isn't looking for people; it is Sony Corporation. 

The distinction is small, but potentially significant. As Jamie and I suspect there might be an umbrella plan that covers multiple Sony divisions, rather than just gaming. Remember, Sony also handles consumer devices, music, and film studios; a VR device for home use can have multiple uses that touch on every Sony wing. Everybody wins. 

It is too early to tell what Sony's overall strategy is based on the job postings. Still, I am hoping that Sony learned from the failure of the PS Vita and focuses on content as well as power. Oh, and please don't push awful memory cards.
  • Varjo secures $54 million in Series C funding.
    • 💲💲💲💲💲
    • Seriously though, well done to a company doing really well in the enterprise VR space. 
  • Want to learn more about the London immersive ecosystem and the opportunities available?
    • London & Partners is hosting an event, led by Jeremy Dalton. Check it out. 
  • Want to see how immersive tech can deliver great reports?
    • The BIMA Immersive Council released their report on the topic, which you can check out here.
    • Disclaimer: I am a member of the Council who helped make the report.
  • Mozilla lays off nearly all of the XR team.
  • Older people are interested in the positive cognitive benefits of VR, provided they are guided through it. 
    • That's one of several findings by Virtuleap and the National Innovation Centre for Ageing.
    • My key takweaway from this is that companies must try to get the tech in people's hands where possible. 
  • Want to see, I don't know, a SPECIAL RELATIVITY VR SIMULATION? 
    • Yeah you do! 
    • Check out the awesome work here by Diego Montoya
  • New Oculus Venues gives us a glimpse of Facebook Horizon
    • I see it as non-news considering it's not complete, but still, kinda neat. 
  • Oculus will require a Facebook login in the future.
    • This annoyed privacy-focused users, but the vast majority won't care. In any case, the move was inevitable. 
    • Honestly, I am more interested in how Facebook will deploy tailored ads using the data. How would it work? We may see at Oculus Connect. 
  • Finally, a heart-warming story about a vulture and a VR drone:
    • A 'top-secret Israeli military drone' captured photos of an endangered vulture chick, while out on a training mission. While the drone activity would normally stay top-secret; this mission went rogue to save a chick on the endangered list. Awww.
    • I only mention this because XTEND is the company that provided the VR tech to make it a success. Props to them!
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Oxford Medical Simulation is looking for a Senior Environment Artist. More details here
Imagination Technologies is looking for a Ecosystem Director. More details here
VRtuoso is looking for two Business Developer Managers and one Customer Success Manager (£40k – £50k). These people must have 4+ years B2B of experience either in Virtual Reality or in L&D. Interested? Check out more details here, and make sure to email them as well! 

Asha Easton works at Immerse UK. She has run workshops with the VR Diversity Initiative in London to up-skill underrepresented groups in media and technology, and has spoken on panels internationally. Her focus at KTN is to expand the ImmerseUK community and grow the immersive tech ecosystem around the country.

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