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By Tom Ffiske // 5 August 2020
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Rampant rumours about the Oculus Quest 2 / Pro are tiring. YouTubers and journalists are jumping on the morsels of speculation to generate clicks and insights. Though understandable, the actions can be dangerous too, as it sets up expectations that may collapse in a bloody heap. 

I believe that discussions are happening too soon. Partly because nothing is confirmed; we are all speculating on the show before the curtains roll up. But also because the most important part of the device is still unknown. Not the specs, straps, or software. It's the price, as it would partially compete against the PS5 and Xbox Series X. 

This holiday will be a battle of home tech devices, as companies battle for space in living rooms. The new Quest would be competing against a generational shift in consoles, and price is one of the most important factors of its success. 

People can debate whether the Quest should be considered in competition with gaming consoles. Not all users are gamers, as some may be roped into the social side of VR. Still, it will be a sizable audience.

But the analysis will come later - once the new Quest is officially unveiled. 
  • During the pandemic, the Royal Opera House is dabbling with some AR
    • Visualise and Royal Opera house is developing an AR portal that will allow users to step into the unique and futuristic world of hip hop/trap opera, Munkination.
  • Want to learn Spanish in VR?
    • Check out this VR trips app that helps beginners and intermediates brush up their skills. Best for anyone with a VR headset, check out her for more details (and use 'virtualtom' at checkout for a discount). 
  • Zappar unveiled a Unity SDK that helps users build AR experiences.*
  • Curiscope is looking for a new buyer/owner.
  • Alex Makes VR finished her month-long stream of podcast episodes each day.
    • The series covers many topics which VR/AR entrepreneurs may be interested in learning about. Have a browse through and see what grabs your eye. If you like it, subscribe; it is going on for a little longer. 
  • Yup, we have another enterprise VR platform. 
    • Immerse announced the launch of their Virtual Enterprise Platform (VEP). How it compares to competitors remains to be seen. 
  • Interested on what's happening in Brazil? 
    • The Symposium on Virtual and Augmented Reality (SVR) is a conference on VR/AR based in the country. Take a peek at the event. 
  • What do you get when you mix wine and AR? 
    • Siduri announced a WebAR experience in collaboration with Rock Paper Reality, with a range of experiences to educate users on the brand. 
    • If you want to try it out youself, either click here or scan the QR code with your phone below: 
*Disclaimer: I work for this company as a freelancer. Click here for my ethics stance.
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Randa Dibaje is a VR/AR developer at PwC, having recently entered the industry. We explored the thoughts of an early entrant, including where areas may grow in the future. 

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