By Tom Ffiske // 17 February 2021
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It's been a year since I published my first book, released on Valentine's Day. You know, because VR enterprise training is such a romantic topic... 
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Big changes coming...
The Immersive Wire will hit its one year anniversary in a month! This time last year I was stuck at home working and eating all day... how times change. Anyway, I plan to make some significant changes to the newsletter very soon. The changes might include: 
  • Wednesday and/or Sunday versions of the Immersive Wire; Wednesday for a news recap and analysis, and Sunday for longer articles on the events of the week and/or a Q&A with a senior executive. 
  • A referral system where people can win a copy of my book, an exclusive networking community, and other benefits. 
All these plans are in flux, so I need your feedback. What do you want to see in a Sunday edition of a newsletter, if it can be anything you want? And what referral bonuses would you like to see? Reply to this email with your thoughts, and you will help shape the future of this newsletter. 
Main Story
Let's talk about the use of AR during the Super Bowl. Now, while I don't care about American football - in our country, UK football is an excuse to see friends in the pub and slosh about - I still recognise its importance for big-brand marketing. For example, last year the NFL delivered a series of AR filters ahead of the games, and it reached a whole bunch of people. According to Snapchat, the lenses and filters reached 45 million Snapchatters during Super Bowl weekend and 101 million impressions. This article on ARPost gives a great analysis on this. 

Pepsi, Verizon, and Facebook dabbled with new filters during the event, but what struck me was the scale of engagement. Imagine being able to track what shoppers are doing at home, by shooting out a QR code so that people can try them out? It's a fun way to tell a brand's story, and with the growth of WebAR it's easier than ever to deliver it. And better yet, see what they are clicking on and what interests them. 

Beyond the hype, I would love to see stats from this year's Super Bowl to see how effective the AR campaigns were. While it has spectacle, I would be curious to see if it drove additional footfall for its businesses. If the numbers are good, that's a game-winning kick. But if the numbers are lower than expected, I can see how it could be an own-goal.
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Example of a WebAR experience from the Super Bowl, featuring Pepsi. Created by Virtual Rights Management ARIA 360° AR Division and run on 8th Wall software.
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The Polys announced their
WebXR Awards, and the hosting website is... interesting. 
  • If you don't click through; imagine a 1990s cyber world where users physically wander around the space to learn more about them.
  • Navigating the space is fun for the first thirty seconds, but it is difficult to learn more about the event and the novelty runs out quickly. 
  • On the one hand, it makes sense to make a WebXR site for WebXR awards. On the other hand, the interface is so finnicky that I wouldn't want to use it all the time. Even if it's relevant, I would have prioritised UX over event alignment. 
  • But as for the event itself, I look forward to seeing the winners as WebXR is an exciting area. 
Other stories
Welcome to the 1990s, when surfing the web included surfboards. Photo credit: The Polys. 
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