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The UK has a roadmap for easing lockdown, with 21 June as a key date. For me, I would like to first sit in a cafe with close friends, and say, 'Well, that was a bit s**t wasn't it?' 
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Main Story
Let's talk about PlayStation's plans with the PlayStation VR. Or at least, take what little info we can from their short blog post. The company announced that they are working on the 'next generation of VR' for the PS5, the focus is on making high-quality lenses with immersive controls. 

Details are as sparse as shopping for PS5s online, but we can make some inferences. For one, it means that some of their teams will be making VR games in the future, and possibly help other gaming companies transfer their content onto their platform. That's a huge investment, and the company would only do it if they felt that there is space to grow during the PS5's life cycle. 

It's also worth remembering Sony's narrow focus. Unlike competitors like Oculus and HTC, PlayStation is totally focused on its consumer VR business, not any (lucrative) enterprise applications. Eye tracking and collecting data on sight comes to mind as one example; the PSVR will likely not need it for their consumer games where cutting costs would be key for their business. 

Let's hope the move from PSVR to PSVR 2 is smoother than from PSP to PSP Vita. A part of me suspects that they dropped the news before the
State of Play announcement, to cut speculation that the event would explore VR games. But in any case, we will wait for more drips of info to come much later in 2021, or more likely in 2022.
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It's likely we won't see many details on the next PSVR in 2021. Photo credit: Sony.
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Lynx* showed off its mixed reality headset, which looks pretty good! 
  • The Lynx R-1 headset is expected to launch this year, priced at $1,500. 
  • Passthrough AR is very cool. Magic Leap capitalised on it, and I like seeing other companies explore the concept too.
  • I'll always support more competitors in the space, but I wonder how easy it will be for developers to use. I look forward to trying it out.
*UK readers, I did a double-take too. Lynx is not just the name of the French start-up, but also the terrible body spray that you may recognise. 

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The tech behind Lynx's headset. Photo credit: Lynx. 
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