By Tom Ffiske // 7 October 2020
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I tried to bake Gromit recently... and it is horrifying. Gromit saw some deep, dark stuff.
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Let's talk about predictions. I've said before that I am cynical about most predictions. Some companies tend to throw as many darts as possible, then when one or two accidentally hit bullseye they promote themselves as omniscient farseers on LinkedIn. Other groups say vague statements with no criteria of success; "VR will be big in education," some articles may say, like predicting that it will rain over the next month. My frustration mostly comes from pseudo-professionals that lurk in the dark of Twitter, but professional companies make the same mistakes too. (Really recommend Superforecasting if you're curious to learn more about the topic).

Which is why it is refreshing that I spoke to Leo Gebbie from CCS Insight recently, and I really liked the predictions they made this year. All of them are sensible, solid, and reasonable: 

  • By 2025, over half of medium and large businesses in advanced economies adopt extended reality solutions;
  • Facebook launches augmented reality smart glasses in 2022;
  • In 2021, the PlayStation VR 2 struggles to repeat the success of its predecessor.
All three deserve more focus, but that's for another time. The point I want to make now is that the more conservative estimates are the most reliable, without muddling stats. Remember, we are in an industry where, several years ago, companies conflated mobile VR with tethered VR to boost figures, misguiding far too many people. Sorting sense from nonsense is critical, and CCS Insight is on the right track. 
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Other Stories
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  • Curious about what's happening in the WebXR scene of the Netherlands?
    • Check out this Discord and have a chat. They're also hosting a mixer event this weekend if you want to meet some new people.
  • The United Nations is using a VR platform. 
    • Can you guess which one? It is... ENGAGE
    • On 24 October, the United Nations will be using ENGAGE to host an immersive event. Very cool, and I'll share a link when one is ready. 
  • Fellow nerds, want to read a research paper about VR museums?
    • I bet you do. The study is a great insight in how to plan the building of virtual spaces. Worth a read if it's up your street. 
  • Micro Monsters is a David Attenborough documentary in VR. 
    • I've had an early peek, and I really recommend it. It's clever how they used older footage to create a vibrant and immersive look into the creepy crawlies that make up life. Alchemy Immersive has a long-standing relationship with Attenborough, and it's great to see them continue to make massive strides.
    • My only wish was that it was slightly more immersive by being 360-degrees, as my immersion broke at times when the gaping maw of darkness awaited behind me. Otherwise, I heartily recommend a look. 
  • Another amazing example of using VR during the pandemic.
    • Accenture and have created life-like virtual reality training that teaches healthcare workers how to safely put on and take off personal protective equipment (PPE). Awesome stuff. 
  • Pre-orders are open for Reality Check, a book about VR/AR
    • Written by Jeremy Dalton, Head of VR/AR at PwC, the book will talk about how immersive technologies are helping organisations today. I've been looking forward to it for a while.
    • Check it out here, and use REALITY20 to get 20% off the book, if buying through Kogan Page.
  • A new festival has appeared! Ready for some more world premieres? 
    • Tickets for the Festival of International Virtual & Augmented Reality Stories are now open. 
  • London Film Festival's XR strand starts today. 
    • For the first time in its history, LFF Expanded will bring XR film and immersive experiences to the event. If you want to check it out for free, check out the details here
    • Disclaimer: I worked on the festival as a freelance publicist, focusing on the XR strand. 
  • Ultraleap is a really interesting company to follow, and they're sharing their key learnings. 
  • Want to see a trippy AR experience?
    • The final-year work from Nathan Bayliss is worth a watch. The creativity coming from universities is astonishing. 
  • How about an AR app for recruitment? 
    • Early Adopter created an awesome social AR app for a school in NYC. Smart, and potentially effective. 
  • Or perhaps you want to feel empowered? 
  • A hide-and-seek game in VR sounds hella fun.
  • Finally, I am available for freelance work later this October.
    • If you want a PR / marketing strategist to help promote your product, hit me up! 
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