By Tom Ffiske // 9 December 2020
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The US is miserable, the UK is miserably cold, and shoppers are miserable that they can't get the newest consoles. Happy Holidays!
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The Main Story
Let's talk about VR training and 2020. Overall, it's been a good year for the area. The general consensus is that the pandemic caused a flurry of VR/AR companies to scream 'NOW IS MY TIME,' before hunting for more work. I won't argue that it's ineffective. Plenty of evidence shows that it has an impact.

But I question whether the positive boom during the pandemic will last into 2021. We have HTC who delivered a variety of business collaboration tools where people can collaborate closely in a virtual room. While it is cool, I cannot see it being easier to use than, say, Zoom; a service that exploded because it is easy to use and roll out. 

And that's the crux of an article I will write soon: VR cannot soar until it solves its crippling UX issues, and that experiences need a proper drill-down from a product design perspective to succeed. But that's a story for another time. 

But in any case, we will be discussing this in a webinar next week, which you are free to join. Sponsored by the kind folks at Innoactive, the panel will explore: 
  • Key lessons of 2020 that people can apply and learn in the new year;
  • Where VR training will go in 2021;
  • Whether VR training can continue its pace of growth after the pandemic.
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The University of Adelaide's Immersion Room, powered by Igloo technology, has been used to deliver remote lectures to its healthcare and medicine students. Download the in-depth case study or check out the video to learn more!

Want to learn more about their services? Find out more about how they can help you.
Other Stories
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As mentioned, we are doing a webinar on VR training in 2021. 
  • Want to prepare for the new year? Sign up and get some expertise from some amazing people.
The Immersive Arcade showcases twenty years of British immersive productions. 
  • The Immersive Timeline shows the country's history, and creatives can submit their own work for consideration here
  • Disclaimer: I worked on the project as a freelance copywriter. 
Want to pitch for VIVE X Europe? CCS Insight has released its latest forecast on the extended reality market.
  • The company predicts that 55 million virtual and augmented reality devices will be sold in 2024 – a market value of $14.7 billion.
  • Telecom operators were also shouted out; a fitting prediction considering the relevance of 5G. 
  • (If you want further stats, let me know by replying to this email). 
The pandemic + VR = a contemporary film.  Google is shutting down Poly 3D.
  • This is sad because it was a popular creation tool and library for VR/AR professionals. It also shows that Google is consolidating the services it provides for the immersive industry. 
  • If you want to sign a petition to bring it back, check this out. 
Nreal light glasses to hit Europe in Spring 2021.
  • With Facebook's partnership with Luxottica launching glasses next year too, it looks like we have a new fight in our hands! My bet is that both will appear before the summer. Anyway, details on Nreal here
XR Safety Awareness Week is now on! Wahaca and Poplar Studio teamed up to launch interactive AR menus.
  • It's a creative and fun way to engage with customers as they browse through the dishes, from the Poplar team. 
  • The same company also made a festive set of filters! This is fun to play with and share with friends. 
London's Piccadilly Lights now have AR capabilities.
  • The technology is supported by Darabase, and it will enable some neat experiences on London's famous central screen. More details are here. 
Want to learn how AR will impact intellectual property rights and property media? 
  • This whitepaper gives a great summary of what we should be looking out for, working in conjunction with a team of solicitors. Well worth a read for anyone working in AR. 
  • Disclaimer: I worked on both Darabase stories as a freelance PR. 
The monolith is in London!  Please welcome Animatrik Film Design to the community! Igloo Vision has become a Unity Channel Partner.
  • Congrats! For those who don't know, think of it as a seal of approval for the company.
Want a new snowboarding or windsuit game?  Ragnarock is a VR  multiplayer rhythm game. Or an AR quality assurance tool?  Want to learn about VR in engineering? No context, but here is a spoooooooky experience.  Finally, I am available for last-minute Christmas work. 
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