By Tom Ffiske // 13 January 2021
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My Instagram is now a graveyeard of attempted hobbies, from Warhammer to pig bao buns. Most of my posts are not related to VR/AR, but do follow me if you want a peek on what I am up to.
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The Main Story
Let's talk about Reality Check, the new book by Jeremy Dalton. Half the time I read it in a bath, so the pages are as crinkled as a weathered potato. Whoops. 

For those who don't know, there are a few VR/AR books that are comparable to Reality Check. Jaron Lanier's Dawn of the New Everything provides a history of the subject, which contextualises how far we've come. Blake J. Harris' The History of the Future focuses more on the history of Oculus and its relationship with Facebook. But the most comparable is Jeremy Balienson's Experience on Demand, which provides a general overview of VR with some thoughts on the future. My own book provides an overview as well, with a comedic twang. Well, I try to anyway. 

Among the corpus, Reality Check is a smooth and buttery read. While veterans may not learn much, it provides a great launch point for businesses interested in the technology and how it can help them. The book isn't bogged down, surfing through arguments and peppering the text with strings of references to back up its points. The last part of the book is my favourite, tackling the misconceptions with a steady hand and a strong arugment. 

One con is the high cost of the book, so this should be a book bought by businesses who are curious about the industry and want an in-depth read on the topic. And as I mentioned, much of it  might not be for veterans who have been around for a while. But for the rest, it's worth a look. 
Bath-worthy, but not bath-ready. Photo credit: Tom Ffiske.
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Analysis of the top stories
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From smart glasses to funding calls, a lot of news came from inside and outside of Consumer Electronics Show (CES). I've compiled the top stories, with a little analysis at the end. For now, browse the bolded company names and click on what you fancy:  So we have a lot of news on smart glasses, but we don't know how good they are. The issue with a virtual CES is that people can't get their hands on them and have a go, which is a shame. Still, time will tell how good they are. 
What is it with OHDs and green? Photo credit: Vuzix. 
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