By Tom Ffiske // 21 October 2020
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Replaying Super Mario Sunshine is fun, but I am embarrisingly bad at the game.Younger me would be disappointed.
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The Main Story
How successful was the Oculus Quest 2 launch? A solid thumbs up, apparently. ‘We really couldn't be happier,’ Facebook Reality Labs' Chris Pruett told Shakeel Hashim from Protocol. ‘The device is selling quite well," he said — ‘faster than Quest did’ and ‘maybe a little bit beyond what we expected.’ (Their Protocol Gaming newsletter is a gold-mine of great information, and I highly recommend signing up). 

Hype aside, I’m still worried about how successful it will be this holiday season. As I outlined before, I do not think the Oculus Quest 2 will compete well against the next generation of consoles as people decide to buy either one or the other. While it’ll sell well, my analysis points towards a decent Christmas haul. 

Additionally, it’s a shame that the company does not ever detail the raw number of units that they move each quarter, preferring instead to give short snippets of information that isn’t backed by raw numbers. For example, Facebook has mentioned that 90% of original Quest users were new to VR and pushed $100m in sales via the Oculus store – but not a peep on how many VR headsets they sold. 

Still, the short bits of information drip-fed to the community are enough to infer that the company is happy with the headset’s success, and the company is clearly investing a lot into the ecosystem for the long-term. But I’m still waiting for the company to drop some firmer numbers on its products. 
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Other Stories
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  • Hand tracking is neat and all, but what about feet tracking? 
    • 3dRudder has got you. The company announced The 3dRudder Pro Wireless, which adds foot motion to training and business applications. Smart, and I can see a lot of enterprise companies loving it.
    • Alternatively, you can pick up a pair of Cybershoes. Amazing.
  • Another trade show for VR/AR professionals is coming to Paris (and virtually).
    • Virtuality is running in early December. More details here. 
  • Recently, I mentioned how Rendever's VR platform is helping isolated seniors in the USA. 
    • They're doing very well; they are now helping Oakmont of East Sacramento, a senior living community in Sacramento, California, to help reduce depression and isolation among residents. Well done to the team! 
  • Facebook relaunched their Spark AR Partner Network.
    • Details are here; and this is fascinating for several reasons. An invite-only network where Facebook can keep track of how partners and brands work together on campaigns, learning from everyone. One to keep a close eye on, as Facebook will be looking at it closely as they scale up their Spark AR platform. 
  • Remember VIVE XR Suites, the remote collab service? 
    • You can now buy it today. As a reminder, VIVE XR Suite is an 'enterprise-focused integrated VR software bundle,' helping people collaborate together in virtual enviroments. I'm curious to see whow popular it'll be.
    • Also, you know what I find really interesting? The ENGAGE platform will launch in China, rebranded as VIVE Sessions. Fascinating move, and reminds me that I need to do more research into the Chinese market. 
  • Want insights into your salary, broken down by role and area?
  • Broomx announced MK Live, an immersive livestreaming platform.
    • It 'allow creators to provide an immersive live experience to a worldwide audience.' Seems cool, but I can't vouch for its quality (yet).
  • FundamentalVR expands into Ophthalmology.
    • Man, they are doing really well right now. 
    • Anyway, its new capabilities were developed through a global collaboration with international eye charity, Orbis Flying Eye Hospital.
  • Want to film yourself playing Beat Saber, using just an iPad?
    • Now you can! Seriously, some people are just on another level. Looking forward to the (potential) sound update. 
  • What exploring a VR horror house?
    • I don't; I literally ran away from a physical one, almost a year ago. 
    • But if it's for you, check it out. 
  • VR training is getting better and better at such a fast rate. 
    • Make Real produced an example where they help confront micro-agressions in the workplace. This is an excellent example, and the company keeps pushing the field forward. 
  • Squad partners with Snap. 
    • Squad announced its partnership with Snap Inc. for Camera Kit, which helps improve the experience. Neat. 
  • The Natural History Miseum partnering with the Science Museum is a more iconic couple than...
    • Rachel and Ross from Friends? No... Bella and Edward from Twilight? Definitely not... Ah! Donkey and Dragon from Shrek? Alright, let's go with that. 
    • Both are working with Factory 42 to create AR apps where people can learn about history and science from home. Perfect, perfect, perfect. More stuff like this! 
  • Thomas & Friends and Barbie are joining Bookful.
    • Looks like Mattel is looking into more AR content, such as Barbie dancing. Wonderful
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