By Tom Ffiske // 14 October 2020
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The Grinch (2018) is so terrible that, like the protagonist, I want to self-isolate in a nearby mountain for fifty years.
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The Big Story

Let's talk about VR/AR companies surviving the pandemic. Yes, I know the Oculus Quest 2 released recently, but I felt that there will be enough videos, articles, and hot takes about the VR headset over the course of this week. Instead I wanted to tap into the topic on VR/AR companies adapting to the pandemic. For most companies, it drastically lowered job opportunities for everyone. Less money spinning around means less client work, which in turn means less activity and business growth. But entrepreneurs lept up and took the opportunity to not only win new work despite the difficulties, but also complete some amazing work. 

I think the topic warranted more discussion, so I will be doing my first ever webinar. I hand-picked some amazing people who know their stuff, and we will be sharing our knowledge about how companies are not only surviving the pandemic, but also winning new kinds of business. I hope we can share our knowledge with you. We will be exploring: 

  • What new opportunities the pandemic has brought VR/AR companies, and how they can adapt;
  • How to amend products or services to provide better value to customers;
  • How to convey the value of VR/AR to potential new clients

If you are available for an hour on the 28 October, consider signing up for free and taking a look. If you work in VR/AR and want more tactics, it may be worth a peek. 

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Other Stories
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  • As mentioned in the Big Story, want your VR/AR company to adapt and thrive during the pandemic? 
  • AR works well with playing cards and learning some history. 
    • This Kickstarter is a great example, teaching some American history (and its potential future) via two decks of cards. It's getting close to its goal, so consider supporting it today. 
  • We're deep into film season, but one 360-degree film caught my eye. 
  • Apple revealed the iPhone 12 Pro, which includes a LiDAR scanner
  • Two examples of AR getting more serious about monetisation:
    • One is this LinkedIn update in Snap, sayinf that one employee is working in 'a relatively new team focused on Augmented Reality for Business within the Monetization org.' We know Snap is looking into AR more and more, but hints like these give more clues on their business. 
    • Two is Niantic hiring two executives who will both be touching on advertising efforts. Don't dismiss the power of Pokemon Go and their custom technology; Niantic is well-positioned to soar if they dip into new properties. 
  • Speaking of AR, this one is amazing.
    • Diorama lets people make Jurassic Park films using their phone. Really innovative and clever, and would love to see more examples like this in the future. Especially if it has dinosaurs. 
  • ZapBox is a $40 6DoF MR headset
    • Running on Kickstarter, ZapBox is 'a revolutionary step in Zappar's mission to bring affordable Mixed Reality to the mass market.' Click here if you wish to support. 
    • Disclaimer: I work in Zappar, the creator of ZapBox, as a freelance communications professional. 
  • BODYSWAPS raised £470k from Ufi Ventures, Haatch and D Moonshots.
    • Looks like more money keeps flowing into L&D projects - I expect more deals like this over the next six months. Congrats to the team! 🍾
  • Looking for a new Incubator programme?
  • In case you lived under a rock, the Oculus Quest 2 released this week.
    • A lot of people think it is a low-enough price for it to do well this holiday season. I agree, to an extent. 
  • Tired of Mario Kart?
  • Another new festival has entered the game! 
  • Finally, I am considering making a Christmas list in the Immersive Wire.
    • This may be a great way for you to feature your products in front of VR/AR professionals ahead of the festive period. 
    • No promises if it will happen, but if you would hypothetically wish to have your product be included in your newsletter, then please reply to this email with your thoughts. 
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That's all for this week! Want to have a chat, let me know about a news story, or talk business? Either reply to this email, or contact tom (at) virtualperceptions (dot) com. Have an excellent day! 

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