By Tom Ffiske // 3 February 2021
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I appear in today's Alex Makes VR podcast talking about Facebook's quarterly results - have a listen and support her great work. We also wildly divert towards talking about GameStop and stocks. Whoops. 
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Let's talk about the metaverse. The topic is as cluttered and messy as my teenage bedroom, so I wanted to write an essay proposing two new terms for discussing it: multiple micro-metaverses and a singular macro-metaverse.

Basically, my main argument is that we are conflating multiple definitions of the metaverse into one monolithic version. And yes, there may be one singular metaverse; but I want to argue that smaller (but no less significant) metaverses will complement it as well. There will be:
  • Multiple micro-metaverses, where a new reality is applied to fulfil a particular role. For example, the AR mapping technologies where an augmented layer is applied over the physical. While micro-metaverses will act like separate realities, their scope and roles will be minor and dedicated to focused tasks.
  • A singular macro-metaverse, a successor of sorts to the internet which will drastically restructure the digital infrastructure of our world. This would be like the world of Ready Player One (with some major differences that this article will touch on). 
I've outlined my thoughts here. Have a look, and shout if you agree or disagree! 
If there is a metaverse full of sushi, books, and bread, I am 100% down. Photo credit: Tom Ffiske.
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Oculus shared stats on how well they're performing, and VR titles are earning cash quickly:
  • According to the company, 60+ titles earned more than $1m in revenue as of this month; Population: One and Onward both earned more than £10m on Quest alone. FitXR also experienced 4x more weekly users on their title. 
  • Outside of their official blog post, Resolution Games told me that they saw a 500% increase in downloads at the launch of Oculus Quest 2, and Synth Riders saw 3x more monthly users on their title. 
  • This showcases two things. One, the Oculus Quest 2, like its predecessor, is having a major impact on the VR landscape. And two, the impact continues to last many months after its release. A sustainable rise in interest after the holiday period is something to celebrate. Congrats to everyone! 
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No hardware statistics yet, but these numbers are still welcome amd are worthy of celebration. Photo credit: Oculus. 
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