July news from the Five Wits!

We're getting ready for Gen Con, our favorite convention of the year! Our frantic preparations are nowhere more apparent than in Ruth’s tea laboratory and test kitchen. We’re building a mountain of new and exciting treasure boxes and are packing up crate after crate of apothecary material. And, of course, the wigs. New this year exclusively at Gen Con: leatherwork by the amazing Howard sisters, sculptures and art by The Sara Gates, and fantasy cooking spices and sugars by Ruth, including "Herbes de Pelennor" and "Sizzle it Up Spice."

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Monthly microfiction
The Queen of Elsaria ran away one day, leaving wealth and suitors behind her. Her courtiers are still seeking her out, and have had to pawn items from her treasury to fund the search. There are rumors now of a mysterious swordsman in the border country who fears not dragons, nor bandits, and looks like the Queen’s long lost brother. He could not be reached for comment, being busy on a quest of some kind, and having a most intimidating manner.
Vote on upcoming microfiction
We're taking a vote on what genre of microfiction we should feature in the next couple newsletters. The options are:
1.Post-apocalyptic cooking travelogue
2. Gothic fairy tale melodrama with murderous merfolk
3. Pre-apocalyptic corporate techno-mages with a side of reincarnating gods
4. Mage tournament in a pirate city, judged by dragons
Vote for your favorite over on our Twitter poll!
Sequential story treasure boxes
For the first time, our Sequential Story Treasure Boxes will be available at a convention! (They've been on Patreon for a little while now.)

How these work: You buy a story, told in words and items, across four treasure boxes, starting with the smallest and building to the biggest. If you've bought a treasure box from us at a convention, it's just like that. Only with a much bigger and more exciting story! The two sets we intend to debut at Gen Con involve Allein, youngest brother of the Elluamoran Swan Guard, and Nari, a young woman living on the edge of an enchanted wood. Both stories are set in our world of Madrahar. Hope whoever snaps up these stories first loves them!
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