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Here we are less than 2 weeks away from our own fall classic, Autumn Wars.  There is still time to get your pre-reg discounts, and to start signing up for events.  If saving the extra money was not enough, we will have a bonus prize from battlefront to all of those who do sign up early.  So far we have 40 games going during the 2 day con.  Slots are staring to fill up, so do not delay.

There is also some information on the HMGS-Midwest miniature gaming at this year's, Chicago Toy Soldier Show.  Try to come to this great shows, and make sure you stop by the HMGS-Midwest Booth to say hi and get a free swag bag,

Thank you, for being a member,


The top picture is Tod Kershner's "All for One" game.  Try your skill as the Musketeers or the Cardinal and his men.

Event and Badge registration is  open.  Event Submission is ongoing

Two days of some of the best games in the midwest, held in a University setting in the fall. (Elbow patches on your sport coat are optional)

Trinity International University 2065 Half Day Road Bannockburn, Illinois 60015 in Hinckson Hall, the Rodine Building

Dates and times:

  • Friday, September 30th Set up at 8:00 am
  • Saturday, October 1st, Set up up at 8:00 am

Event Starting Time Slots:

  1. Friday 12:00 PM-Start of Flames of War Tournament 
  2. Friday 2:00 PM-First Session
  3. Friday 7:00 PM-Second Session
  4. Saturday 9:00 AM-Third Session
  5. Saturday 2:00 PM-Fourth Session
  6. Saturday 7:00 PM-Fifth Session

Badge Fees:

  • Online Member Price-(1 or 2 days) $10
  • Online Non-Member Price-(same but includes membership) $20
  • Onsite - Add $5 to either category

On Site Food Schedule:
Enjoy meals on campus at Hawkins Hall, they are currently rated # 3 best college food in Illinois. There are many offsite options as well.

Breakfast -  Adult $8.25       Kids(10 and under) $4.15
Lunch -        Adult $11.30     Kids(10 and under) $5.65
Dinner -      Adult $12.00     Kids(10 and under) $6.00

Breakfast is served from 7:30 am - 9:30 am
Lunch is served from 11:00 am - 1:30 pm
Dinner is served from 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Lodging: It is Trinity International University's Homecoming weekend and hotels may fill up.

  • On Campus housing-Contact the BOD for details.
  • LaQuinta Hotel-Bannockburn
Visit Table top Events to sign up now.

Some of the featured events this year at Autumn Wars

All for One-Tod Kershner
Battles around Bastogne-Kevin Cabai
Battle of Arbela 331 BC-Steve Fratt

55 Days at Peking-Jon Michal

Visit Table top Events to sign up now.

Autumn Wars Presents:

Games Mats and More

Chuck Seegert

Game Mats and More will be returning to Autumn wars. I will have demonstrations of some of the very popular games, such as Down in Flames Locked On, Zero Leader and others. Stop by and check out our booth. I will be there to answer virtually all your DVG questions!


In Stuka Leader you will command a huge selection of German (and in the Mediterranean Expansions Italian) aircraft as you work through a vast selection of Campaigns, each with it's unique blend of Targets and goals. Campaigns span the entire war in Europe from 1939 until 1945. With the available Expansions, you are able to fly even more aircraft (including the tank busting Ju-87g!) against the Soviets in the Eastern Front and the British and Americans in the Mediterranean. I am also offering a Spanish Civil War Expansion for those who want to fly the He-51 against I-15 and I-16s. Besides the Aces Expansion that will include such names as Galland, Moelders, Rudel and plenty more, I have a What If Expansion that gives you aircraft like the Ho-299 and the E-555 Amerika Bomber! 



Autumn Wars Presents:
Knuckleduster Miniatures

Forrest Harris

Knuckleduster will be demonstrating the new award winning Wild West shootout game Gunfighter's Ball. Each demo can accommodate between two and six players. If time permits, we'll also run the board game version that is about to be released: Gunfight Royale!


Plastic cartoon gunfighters battle to the finish in a Wild West miniatures board game that features beautiful artwork and lighthearted game play!

It’s a move-and-shoot tactical board game where you have either one or two characters in the fight. You keep track of weapons, ammo, and health, cashing in poker chips as you are dealt hits. There is a mechanism for reacting to events when it’s not your turn, and there are dirty trick cards you can play to interfere with other people’s actions. Items are distributed around the board, and in most scenarios it is possible to accumulate loot or find useful equipment.


Autumn Wars Presents:
Flames of War- Late War Tournament

Here is your chance to compete against the local masters.  On Friday September 30th, we have a Battle Front sanctioned FOW Tournament.  Get your list in before they fill up.  Every entry will also recieve a free HMGS-Midwest Swag Bag.

Late War Tournament
1. Army List
a. Any Late War roster published before August 1st will be allowed
b. Points Limit is 84 points
i. No more than 2 nationalities in your list
c. List submission deadline will be Friday September 16th
i. Submit list to
1. Please Include Name, City/State
d. Painting will be to “Tabletop Standard”
i. 3 color minimum

2. Tournament
a. List check in will begin at 11am
i. First Round Pairings will be announced after check in is complete.
b. There will be 3 Rounds
i. Each round is 2 hours with a 15 minute break between the 1st and 2nd
round and an hour break for dinner between the 2nd and 3rd round.

3. Estimated Schedule
a. First Round Noon
i. Break
b. Second Round 2:15
i. Dinner
c. Third Round 6:15
c. First Pairings will be Red vs Blue, then via Swiss pairings

Driving Directions

HMGS-Midwest at Chicago Toy Soldier Show
September, 22-25

When first founded, the Show was primarily a showcase for vintage and antique toy soldiers and related items. As the hobby evolved, manufacturers began to produce toy soldiers in the manner of the original toys. More recently, manufacturers began to produce exquisite model figures that are detailed and not intended for use as toys. Today, visitors to the Chicago Toy Soldier Show will see vintage and antique toys, original toys that are compatible with the old toys, and reproductions cast from the same molds as the original toys. There is also an array of exquisitely detailed models that are made to be admired rather than played with. Because of its longevity and size, the Chicago Toy Soldier Show has also become a trade show; many manufacturers will debut new lines and products.

Visitors to the Show will find toy soldiers made of metal, plastic, composition, paper, and other materials. There are toy soldiers for every taste and every budget.

This year we are featuring a Team from HMGS-Midwest facing off against a group of Commanders from the CTSS.  Playing "Battles around Smolensk, 1812".  Using our own Denniis Bullawa's rules Twelve Pounder.  Play will start on Thursday and continue on through Sunday, with wagering allowed on the battles.  All proceeds will be going to Wounded Warrior.
Visit the CTSS website for more information.
Last year at Games Plus, in Mt. Prospect, our own Brandon Musler ran an AOF game.  Read on to hear the complete rundown.
Read the AOF review on the HMGS-Midwest website.

Mark your calendars-
Enjoy your summer because we will be very busy come fall and beyond.  Join us at these HMGS-Midwest participating events


  • Chicago Toy Soldier Show: Sep 22-25
  • Autumn Wars: Sep 30-Oct 1
  • Noble Knights Game Day: Oct 8
  • Gamehole Con: Oct 20-23
  • Military Modeling Society of Illinois: Oct 21-22
  • Dragonfall: Oct 22-23
  • Rockcon: Nov 4-6
  • Naval Wars: Nov 19th
  • Toys for Tots-Tanksgiving: Nov 22nd and 26
  • Adepticon: March 22-26
  • Garycon: March 23-26


If you have not renewed your membership or want to join.
HMGS-Midwest Membership benefits:

  • Discount for Autumn Wars-Sep 30th-Oct 1
  • Free entry into Naval Wars-November 19th
  • Participation in the Toys for Tots-Tanksgiving benefit-November 22nd and/or 26th.
Visit Chedder up, if you want to join HMGS-Midwest
Visit the HMGS-Midwest Website for updates.
Visit the HMGS-Midwest Facebook Page

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