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Packages include options for food sensitivity testing, yeast/dysbiosis testing, Organic Acids, and SpectraCell. If you don't want to do testing to start, you also have the option to do a Basic Package which just includes counseling, no testing.

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Sleep Tips For Your Child With Autism Or ADHD

Autism Speaks reports that “over half of children with autism – and possibly as many as four in five – have one or more chronic sleep problems. Losing sleep not only impacts mood and behavior but also causes adverse effects on their social interaction, academic achievement, and well-being of the caregivers. Learn some tips to help your child sleep at night without the need for medications. Read More →

Transitioning Your Child Off Miralax Or Laxatives

Are you looking for a natural approach to your child’s chronic constipation? Here I explain the options for natural treatments, biomedical testing, and lifestyle changes that can make a lasting impact on your child’s gut AND help us find the underlying problem, not just treat the symptoms. Read More →


5 Helpful Supplements For Autism Spectrum Disorder

Is your child getting the proper nutrients from their diet? Read about supplements that are helpful for ASD. Read More →



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