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It was so nice to meet you at the Support for Families of Children with Disabilities event, Access to Aventure, and thank you for stopping by my booth, Autism Dietitian! I had a blast passing out temporary fruit & veggie tattoos and orange slices! 🍊

 To introduce myself, my name is Brittyn Coleman, MS, RDN/LD, CLT (full bio) and I'm a dietitian specializing in children with autism spectrum disorder (but also ADD/ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, and general pediatrics). I run Autism Dietitian, an online nutrition counseling platform designed for families with children needing some additional nutritional guidance and support. 

I offer 1-on-1 counseling, food sensitivity testing, comprehensive stool analysis (think yeast and bacteria overgrowth), micronutrient testing, genetic testing, and other services. My goal is to get to the root cause of what is causing your child issues or discomfort and solve it from the roots up using a nutritious diet and natural supplements. 

If you're interested in my services but not quite sure where to start, you can schedule a FREE 15-minute phone call with me to ask a few more questions (no strings attached). The biggest question I got on Saturday was about insurance coverage

As an added bonus as an attendee of the conference, you get 10% off all packages until the end of the month! This is the biggest discount I ever give on my services, so don't miss out! Use the code 'SUPPORTINGFAMILIES' when booking/scheduling. (Code is still valid on payment plans!) 

I look forward to keeping in contact with you! Always feel free to respond to any of my emails - I'm happy to help! 

Happy to help.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or visit for more info! 

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