Welcome to our Spring Ezine - with everything you need to to know about how to treat your waste and changes to services with regard to COVID 19, plus lots of tips to help you relieve pressure on services at this time and over Easter, by reducing your waste. Don't miss our first #FoodSavvy live Facebook free cooking demo, with the brilliant local chef Emma Crowhurst! 

COVID 19 and waste disposal
If you need information about how to treat waste that is contaminated or suspected to be contaminated with Coronavirus, temporary closures of all Suffolk’s Recycling Centres, as well as any updates on your waste and recycling collections, just visit Follow the links to where you live for the latest news. 

Garden waste collections have been suspended across Suffolk so that district and borough councils can concentrate on maintaining essential waste and recycling collections. We would urge the public to keep hold of their garden waste, along with large or electrical items, rather than using the general waste bin, until service resumes.

Many members of the public are sending in positive messages of support, both on the ground and via social media, expressing their support for our collection crews who are out there on the front line providing key services.
We would also like to extend this appreciation to those behind the scenes, working hard to sort recycling at the materials recycling facility and keeping Suffolk’s energy-from-waste facility going, using our non-recyclable rubbish to generate electricity. 
Thank you - you are all heroes!

At the minute - do you really need to bin it?

There are some things we could all do to help reduce the pressure on services at this time by cutting down on our waste. Here are a few top tips to get you started...
  • Reduce food waste by following our #foodsavvy tips below
  • Get your recycling right by only putting the right items in your recycling bin. Find out what you can and can't put in at
  • Hold on to your garden waste, large items or other materials you would normally take to Recycling Centres until normal service resumes
  • Start composting at home by taking advantage of our great subsidised offers on our composting webpages 
  • Get crafty - think of all that fun you can have reusing packaging to make junk models with your kids! Here’s a few ideas for starters!
Now more than ever is a time to be savvy about the food we buy at the supermarket as we really can’t afford to let any of it go to waste! The #foodsavvy website has lots of recipes on how to use dried goods and some of those more unusual ingredients you might have discovered lurking at the back of the cupboard, as well as lots of other helpful advice. Just make sure that you check the:
 best-before date– remember it can still edible beyond this date, it just may not be at its very best.
 use-by date - if it's past this date, it should not be eaten.
Many of you may be trying to bake your own bread, but if like me you’ve found it difficult to get hold of yeast, then this simple soda bread recipe could be just the thing you’re looking for!  

! Live cookery demo and waste saving tips !
This Wednesday 8th April at 5.30pm, there will be the first #FoodSavvy live Facebook free cooking demo, with the brilliant local chef Emma Crowhurst.
She’ll be on hand to provide you with helpful ways you can make food go that little bit further in these challenging times, from batch cooking ideas to ingredient hacks and meal planning. It’s a great opportunity to get involved and ask questions but don’t worry if you can’t watch it live, a recording will also be available on Hubbub’s Facebook page.
You could also sign up to take on the #foodsavvy challenge on our website and see how you can reduce your food waste by following our simple four-week guide. Every week you’ll receive an email concentrating on one aspect of food management - from planning your shop to storing food in the best way possible and making the best of your freezer.
We would love to hear what you are doing to make your food go further at this time. Please send us your suggestions, stories and images to
For more information on our #FoodSavvy campaign, visit our website
Have an egg-cellent waste-free Easter
Well it’s definitely going to be a strange one, but many of us will be celebrating Easter across Suffolk (albeit in smaller groups than we usually would) and it’s still important to try and reduce the amount of egg-cess rubbish Easter can create! There are lots of small steps you can take to reduce your waste from making home-made Easter cards and gifts using recycled and reused materials, to baking cakes and planning your own Easter egg hunts at home. 
Don't forget you can recycle everything but the egg! (cardboard, moulded plastic packaging and foil (rolled into a tennis sized ball please) 
Just follow this simple EGG rule to get you started on your waste free journey…
Eat all the food you have prepared – either by using up leftovers or freezing portions for later.
Get #foodsavvy and make sure that you shop with a planned list and only buy what you will eat.
Grab those Easter eggs with the least packaging in the first place!
You can find lots more tips on reducing your waste by visiting our Easter webpages 
And if you fancy growing your own cracking cress head shown above, follow this egghead link  

Suffolk’s energy-from-waste site (efw)
All planned tours are currently postponed at the energy-from-waste facility. People currently signed up for a tour are being contacted on a week by week basis to ensure we only cancel tours as necessary. New dates will be rescheduled and there may be quite a backlog so we aren’t taking any new bookings at this time, but we are always happy to add you to the waiting list. Please contact
Although there are no public tours, it's business as usual at the efw. Staff are working safely but steadily to ensure the plant stays open and that Suffolk's waste continues to be put to good use to generate energy. Last year it produced enough energy to power over 41,000 homes! Essential planned maintenance will go ahead in May.

         STAY HOME     PROTECT THE NHS    SAVE LIVES               
Use our A-Z of recycling for the best ways to reduce, reuse and recycle most items and if you can't find what you need let us
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