Welcome to our Summer Ezine - featuring highlights from the Suffolk Show, Banana Drama - our latest food savvy project, and information about plastics in read on!   

Suffolk Show
This year’s Suffolk show was the biggest and the best for the Suffolk Waste Partnership, contractors and volunteers with over 4000 visitors to our stand over the two days. The public flocked in thanks to the wonderful displays of recycled artwork by schools and groups from all over Suffolk from the westernmost village (Exning) to the easternmost town (Lowestoft) – a fantastic geographical spread!  23 schools and groups took part and you can see all the galleries from the show here. We were able to talk to the public about reducing plastics by making simple swaps, donating items for reuse at Recycling Centres and the do’s and don’ts of recycling. We were helped by our Master Composter volunteers  as well as the dedicated folk from the Suffolk cloth nappy network who got lots of interest for their trial nappy kits. We talked about getting food savvy by reducing food waste and saving money and you could take on the Scalextric challenge using pure pedal power! In Suffolk we use non-recyclable rubbish to generate enough electricity to power over 30,000 homes. Not bad eh?

Banana Drama

Q: How many bananas get thrown away in the UK every day?

A: A staggering 1.4 million! Can you believe it?

Now that’s what we call a #foodsavvy banana drama! We’re taking our giant banana tree and smoothie bike on tour this summer to Bury St Edmunds, Stowmarket, Lowestoft and Ipswich to raise awareness about some of our most commonly wasted foods - so keep an eye on @suffolkrecycle for dates. We’ve got events planned over July and August, where you'll get a chance to pick recipes from our tree to give you inspiration for those bruised and blackened bananas. You can also sign up for the food savvy challenge to save £70 a month and get lots more helpful tips. We’ll be giving away spaghetti measures, rice scoops and bag clips, as well as lots more recipes, to help you get your portions right, keep things fresher and waste less! Come along and join in the fun!


Hugh’s war on plastic has raised many questions via our inbox and social media channels, as well as further afield, and we are glad to see the groundswell of interest in this most important subject. We are all very keen to make sure that we make choices to reduce the amount of packaging we use and certainly don’t want the plastic we have used to end up causing an environmental problem on land or sea.

Material collected through Suffolk's recycling scheme is taken to the Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) in Great Blakenham for initial sorting into different material streams before being sent for further processing. The MRF is currently being refurbished and this investment in the Suffolk recycling facility will ensure a greater quality and quantity of recyclate in the future, as markets demand better and better quality. During the current refurbishment at the MRF, recycling is going to other UK MRFs, where it is sorted in a similar way.


Suffolk's MRF is managed by Viridor who have a robust system of traceability with regard to its supply chain. Viridor is committed to investing more in its reprocessing facilities within the UK.


Plastics from the MRF are sent to Viridor’s plastic recycling facility in Rochester for further separation into individual polymers. Over two thirds of this output stays in the UK where it is reprocessed to produce pellet or flake for use in the manufacture of new plastic products.  The remaining third is sold to various Environment Agency-accredited and licensed processing facilities abroad where they become an “end-of-waste product”, which specifies no further onward trading as waste.  An end-of-waste product refers to waste which has been reprocessed, often to produce a pellet or flake, which can be reused as a recyclable material. 


See our piktochart view on where your plastics in Suffolk go.


We are currently preparing a new end destination register for all our recycling material for 2019. We’ll keep you posted! 

Whether it’s a bottle of Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s ‘TapinEau’ (where he bottled and branded tap water and gave away ‘free’ samples and everybody loved it!)  or National Refill Day, reusable water bottles are now firmly on the agenda, with many shops advertising the refill symbol and a general movement to encourage people to just go in and ask for a water refill in cafes and businesses. Hopefully they will all say yes and help to reduce the amount of single use plastic we are using.  Many large events such as Glastonbury and Latitude are also going plastic bottle free, and we are sure there will be lots more to follow. At this rate we won’t even need a Deposit Return Scheme!

Recycling Centre News 
Have you tried visiting Suffolk's Recycling Centres  when they are open late on Thursdays evenings until 7pm (up to the end August).
It's an opportunity to use the sites outside standard working hours and avoid the busiest times.
(Sites are generally busier at weekends and Thursday and Friday mornings)
Also good to remember that all sites are CLOSED every Wednesday!
You can donate for re-use on all our sites and if you
sort your recycling before you go into different materials, you can help speed up your visit.
Charges apply for soil, rubble and hardcore
Check @Suffolkrc  before you visit for up to date information.

Use our A-Z of recycling for the best ways to reduce, reuse and recycle most items and if you can't find what you need let us know!
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