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Don’t bottle it – Bank it!
The ‘Together we can get our recycling right’ campaign, which launched in late January, has seen a decreasing trend in the levels of the wrong materials in recycling bins, which is good news! But we can still do more to help prevent this problem which costs Suffolk taxpayers over £1 million a year and wastes good quality recycling.
Glass is by far the biggest culprit, accounting for around half of all the unwanted material in our recycling bins. By putting glass in a glass bank rather than a wheelie bin, Suffolk households could make an enormous difference towards solving this issue. Glass is an endlessly recyclable material which can be easily made into new bottles and jars and can be back on the shelf within 30 days, saving energy and resources, when it is recycled correctly!
Just remember - Don’t bottle it - Bank it!
More information about what you can and can’t recycle can be found on our recycling bin page or follow us on our Twitter Facebook or Instagram accounts  .
The Street that Saved and Traveller’s Check – coming to you this Summer!
Now restrictions are easing and the weather is improving, lots of us are heading off on holiday. Packing your bags and putting on your 'out of office' is the fun part but what do you do about the food left in your fridge and cupboards?
Research shows that the UK throws away around half a billion £s worth of edible food when going on holiday each year! But there is plenty we can all do to reduce our food waste before we leave the house.
For some top tips on how to cut down on food waste when you are home and away head here:
Look out for updates on our social media channels about  ‘The Street That Saved’ - the challenge that will pit one Suffolk Street against one Norfolk street to reduce its food waste later this summer!  We will be keeping you updated on the progress. Come on Suffolk!!
You can find out more about the challenge and even sign up for it yourself at
10 steps to a waste free Summer!
There are so many ways to green up your summer and reduce unnecessary waste. Why not try these for starters or just pick one or two? It all adds up to make a big difference and reduce our impact on our precious planet and its resources.
  1. Start composting at home.
  2. Ditch the straw!
  3. Have waste free picnics –with no disposables.
  4. Choose to reuse by buying second hand and supporting charities.
  5. Say no to single use plastic and other items.  
  6. Quench your summer thirst by using a reusable water bottle.
  7. Always have a reusable shopping bag on you just in case.
  8. Sustainable BBQs – invest in a small portable rather than disposables.
  9. Celebrate the easing of lockdown by make summer bunting from old textiles and clothing.
  10. Buy recycled products and close the recycling loop!!
There are lots more ways to reduce and reuse here:
Don’t Waste Your Garden Waste!
It’s amazing how a bit of rain and a spell of sunshine can turn our gardens into a veritable jungle of greenery overnight! But as you battle with burgeoning bushes and attempt to make your lawn look less like a prairie and more in keeping with the centre court at Wimbledon, please make sure you make the best use of all your garden waste. With home composting it takes only a little bit of effort to turn organic material from your garden (and quite a bit from your kitchen too!) into beautiful nutrient-rich compost, which will improve your soil and help your plants blossom! Special offers on home compost bins are available to all Suffolk residents via Get Composting - and there’s lots more advice to be had about composting at home too.

Not everyone has the time or ability to make compost themselves so you might want to consider subscribing to a garden waste collection service from your local council. For a small annual cost (depending on where you live) garden waste collections are a convenient and easy way for you to keep your garden tidy - and the material they collect will be made into compost at a large-scale facility in the county. You can find details on how to subscribe to your local collection here.
Resource and Waste Strategy 
In December 2018, HM Government published their Resource and Waste Strategy (RAWS). The Suffolk Waste Partnership welcomed this publication and supports its overarching aims to reduce waste, improve recycling and boost the development of a circular economy. How we treat our waste is fundamental in tackling the challenges of the climate emergency and these proposals may see the biggest changes in packaging legislation and waste collections across the country for many years.
Defra has recently consulted on four RAWS related issues; Consistency in Household and Business Recycling in England, Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) and Waste Prevention. The Suffolk Waste Partnership will have responded to all of them by 4 July.
These consultations are seeking to establish how any new waste systems can effectively work in practice for householders, local authorities, waste management companies, businesses and product producers.
Once the consultation process has concluded and Government has set out their final requirements (expected late 2021/early 2022), Suffolk county and district councils will then need to consider how any required changes can best be introduced in Suffolk.
You can find links to all the RAWS papers on the page below:
Fancy a bit of Give and Take?
If you want to organise a Give and Take day in your community, this handy guide from East Suffolk Council and the Greenprint Forum could come in useful. The idea is members of your community bring unwanted goods and swap them for something else or donate an item they no longer require, and those who need something come along have a browse and take away items for FREE.
It helps to rehome, within the same community, unwanted items that might otherwise end up in the waste stream and helps those in need to get hold of useful items at no cost – protecting the environment by conserving resources and benefiting the community at the same time.
Give & Take Days can also be fun and enjoyable and a way to bring members of the community together to take positive action.
If running an event please ensure it complies with any COVID restrictions that are in place, following government guidelines. 
A Final Word from the Suffolk Waste Partnership Chair – Cllr James Mallinder

I’m sure we are all now looking forward to getting outside and soaking up some wonderful summer sunshine. So it’s great to read the 10 steps to a waste free summer in this quarter’s newsletter.
It’s vital that we all try and reduce and reuse our waste as much as possible and then recycle whatever’s left. These 10 steps really do show that if everyone can make small everyday changes, together this makes a big difference and can add to our enjoyment during the summer months.
Another thing we can all help to do is tackle litter. I’m sure you’d agree that finding old cans, crisp packets and sweet wrappers littering our countryside is not only disappointing but also upsetting. We live in a beautiful county and the vast majority of us to the right thing, either taking our litter home or putting our rubbish into one of the many public bins. So let’s encourage everyone, locals and visitors alike, to help us keep Suffolk clean and tidy.
I’d also like to draw attention to our currently SCRAP flytipping campaign. This campaign aims to prevent the problem of fly tipping before it is created, by stopping rogue traders offering to removing waste from unsuspecting residents’ homes without the correct licenses and dumping it illegally in our streets and countryside. Anything you can do to help share the campaign's duty of care message (shown here) would be hugely appreciated.
Finally, I’d like to wish you and your families a happy, safe and enjoyable summer. Let’s keep Suffolk litter free for our wildlife, residents and visitors!
         #STICKWITHITSUFFOLK and remember HANDS FACE SPACE               
Use our A-Z of recycling for the best ways to reduce, reuse and recycle most items and if you can't find what you need let us
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