Welcome to our Summer Ezine - with news about the next stage of reopening of our Recycling Centres for vans, trailers and traders, the new proposal for Foxhall Recyling Centre, composting tips, #foodsavvy 'quick pickle' recipes for garden gluts as well as tips for reducing single use plastics. 
Vans Trailers and Traders can now book at 9 Recycling Centres

In line with the phased approach to reopening Suffolk’s recycling centres, vans, trailers and traders can now book an appointment to visit nine of the county’s 11 Recycling Centres.
Everyone will still need to pre- book to enter site and will be asked to state which type of vehicle they will be using and whether they are bringing household or business waste when they book. Social distancing measures remain in operation on site for the health and safety of staff and site users.
Appointments for vans, trailers and trade waste are currently unavailable at Haverhill and Leiston Recycling Centres, due to the capacity at these sites. Traders should sort their waste for recycling before going to site, to benefit from a more cost effective price.

There are a number of restrictions in place in order to help support social distancing on sites and to make sure waste is dealt with efficiently:
Get #FoodSavvy this Summer

Lighting up the BBQ or heading out for a picnic?
With the recent hot and sunny weather and the easing of the lockdown restrictions, lots of us are enjoying hosting BBQ’s and heading out for picnics with friends and families. Want to step up your outdoor eating game and impress your loved ones? Food Savvy has put together a selection of tasty recipes. From a delicious Summer greens filo pie to refreshing yoghurt fruit ice lollies we have got your summer covered. Find all the recipes here.

In a pickle about pickling?
Jenny Costa, from Rubies in the Rubble, joined us for a Facebook Live event, showing us how to make a quick pickle in a few minutes. It really does look very easy! A great way to use up gluts of veg and they can keep in the fridge for at least a month. An easy way to add flavour to those tasty summer salads or just a healthy snack throughout the day. To watch Jenny talking all things pickling, click here.
Remember, Food Savvy Suffolk are now on Twitter and Facebook so do follow us for Food Savvy tips, recipe ideas and handy hints to help you make the most of your food.
Foxhall consultation

Foxhall Recycling Centre redevelopment

We are consulting site users on plans to redevelop Foxhall Recycling Centre. 
The new and improved Foxhall Recycling Centre will see major improvements to the site itself and highway improvements to the site entrance.  The benefits of this scheme will be to:
  • Remove the need for queuing on the highway
  • Provide an improved space and layout for easier access
  • Improve accessibility and increase capacity by eliminating the need for site users to climb steps to access containers
  • Improve the Reuse Centre space
  • Introduce greater separation between public vehicles and larger vehicles
The pre planning consultation is running from 29 June to 20 July.
To see the proposed plan and to send us thoughts visit
Get your recycling right
With more of us working or studying at home, it can be difficult to keep an eye on what is getting put in the recycling bin. To help you and your household get it right visit our recycling pages and download our handy leaflet. Putting the wrong stuff in the bin causes problems at the sorting facility and can mean that whole loads of recycling get rejected, spoiling good quality recycling.
Here’s a quick reminder of the yes’s and the worst offenders…
Remember if it’s not on the YES list, don’t put it in!
X Please NEVER EVER put the following in your recycling bin
NO THANKS TO Bagged waste ( bags, plastic bags and film), Glass X (recycle at your local bottle bank ), Food waste X, Textiles X , Cartons X, Nappies X

For more information on where to recycle glass, textiles, and cartons visit our A-Z  

Master Composters Go Live on Facebook
The garden is the place to be at the moment (or at least a shady corner of it!). With all the extra love and attention you’ve been giving to those plants, borders and lawns you may have been creating a larger than usual mountain of garden waste, not to mention the usual organic peelings and food waste from the kitchen. So now you have the perfect ingredients to make free nutritious soil improver, why not check out Suffolk Master Composter Claire Tolliday’s helpful video guide to get you started (or to remind you how to kick start your neglected heap or bin that’s been forgotten for some time!)? Claire covers the essentials including which type of bin to use, what can be composted and how to avoid unwanted visitors to your bin. And if you feel inspired by Claire to try it yourself, don’t forget subsidised compost bins are available to Suffolk residents from as little as £9.99! 
You can find lots more about composting at home here .
Litter, PPE and single use plastic
With disposable PPE and shops and take-aways reopening, we are sadly seeing a return of litter in our towns and countryside as well as a surge in disposable single use plastics. It would be such a shame to lose sight of all the good work done to reduce single use plastic before coronavirus appeared on the scene, so let’s not give up!

A lot of shops in our refill directory are still offering this service, but not all, so please check before you go. Or consider buying in bulk and refilling at home to reduce plastic bottles.
You can make your own or invest in a washable mask, available in a huge variety of designs and colours, to avoid using once and throwing them away, but please make sure that they are fit for purpose.
Here are a few easy tips, collated by Tracy, a local Plastic Action Champion, on how to reduce plastic in the bathroom:
  • Brush away your plastic toothbrushes and swap for bamboo: same quality of cleaning and you can compost the handle
  • Wipe wipes out of your life! Use washable flannel and cloths, organic cotton make-up remover pads
  • Cut out “disposable” plastic razors and opt for a bamboo-handled safety razor with changeable blades for a more environmentally-friendly close shave
  • Don’t sweat it with ordinary deodorants, try a natural deodorant stick in biodegradable packaging
  • Stay fresh with toothpaste tablets or natural toothpaste
  • Use washable cloth sanitary pads, period panties or a menstrual cup
Just making one or two of these changes could make a big difference!
Use our A-Z of recycling for the best ways to reduce, reuse and recycle most items and if you can't find what you need let us
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