Welcome to our Autumn Ezine – with news about Heritage Open Days at Suffolk’s energy-from-waste facility, a chance to win some great #foodsavvy prizes and Recycle Week. Find out how to get involved in local litter picking events this September, plus a few words from the new chair of the Suffolk Waste Partnership
Suffolk Energy from Waste facility - Heritage Open Days 2020
The Suffolk energy-from-waste facility is taking part in the national Heritage Open Days festival again this year. The event will have a slightly different format to previous years, as it will be an online webinar including a virtual tour of the facility followed by a live question and answer session with the team.
There will be an opportunity for a behind the scenes look at areas of the facility that are usually closed to the public, and we will be discussing this year’s theme of ‘Hidden Nature’ - did you know there is a colony of over 250,000 bees situated on site?

The webinar will take place on:
Friday 11 September 2pm -3pm
Saturday 12 September 10am-11am
Head over to  for more information and to book a space.

Virtual tours of the facility 
Whilst there are currently no on-site tours of the facility, virtual tours for the public will be available soon. If you or your group are interested in a free, virtual tour of the facility followed by a live question and answer session with our Community Liaison Manager, please get in contact with us via to register your interest.
Any public tours cancelled at the energy-from-waste facility due to restrictions as a result of COVID-19 will be rescheduled once tours have resumed.
Food Savvy - It’s competition time! 
Fancy winning these savvy food saving gadgets?
Our Food Savvy campaign has launched a new competition where you could win this fantastic set of re-usables, all designed to help you cut down on food waste! They’re great for storing leftover meals, freezing bananas for smoothies or saving that last slice of cake from going to waste and a great way to wave goodbye to cling film too! 
How do you enter?
All you have to do is sign up to our #FoodSavvy Newsletter and you will be automatically entered into the competition. you can find out more here: Good luck!

Food Savvy Unlocked 
If you made changes to your food habits during lockdown that have helped you reduce food waste and save money, we would love to hear from you to be part of our ‘Food Savvy Unlocked’ campaign. Your lockdown lessons will contribute to the campaign which aims to provide a platform for people to share advice on cutting food waste, with benefits to our household budgets, health and wellbeing.
You would need to be willing to be photographed (or share a photo) and give permission for your ideas to be used in press and campaign communications!

Interested? Please contact us by emailing We would love to hear from you! 
Great British Beach Clean and September litter picks
This year’s ‘Great British Beach Clean’, run by the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) takes place from 18-25 September, where volunteers record information about the litter they collect along the coast. New for this year is the ‘Source to Sea Litter Quest’, which recognises that many items littered inland are at risk of eventually ending up in the sea. Volunteers will also be asked to record how much personal protective equipment they find, including gloves and masks.
The important survey data helps to provide a national and international picture of litter, which the MCS uses to call for policy change to tackle ocean pollution. 
Register at visit the Marine Conservation Society’s website
The Great British September Clean, which is the postponed Great British Spring Clean (the country’s biggest mass action environmental campaign), runs from 11-27th September, and is all about litter-picking your local area. It can be carried out alone, in pairs or small groups of up to a maximum of six, in line with government guidance.
To register and for more details visit the Keep Britain Tidy website

Local Authorities in Suffolk are supporting both these initiatives so for advice on litter picking equipment and litter collection contact your local council below:
East Suffolk-
West Suffolk-
Babergh Mid Suffolk –
Ipswich Borough Council –

You can take the litter to Suffolk Recycling Centres, but you will need to book a slot on our online booking form before going. You will also need to complete a litter pick waste declaration and authorisation form.
Recycling Centres - bookings and Re-use
Why not celebrate second hand September by popping into one of our Re-use Shops? You can visit the Re-use shops at the Bury St Edmunds and Foxhall sites without a booking, but you won't be able to access the Recycling Centre unless you have one.

Both shops are now taking direct donations and you will soon be able to sign up to Gift Aid your donation so that the Benjamin Foundation charity can benefit even more from your donations. The Benjamin Foundation are working on many schemes throughout Suffolk to bring hope, stability and independence to children, young people and families who are experiencing challenges.
The shops open seven days a week,
Until 30 September: open 9am-5pm Mon – Sat and 10am-4pm Sunday
After 1 October: open 9am-4pm Mon - Sat and 10am-4pm Sunday
To make a Recycling Centre booking go to
Recycle Week 2020
21-27 September
National Recycle Week will be happening between 21-27 September this year. This will be the 17th Recycle Week and it will be all about saying a big thank you to residents for carrying on recycling, especially during the past difficult 6 months. Many of us had an opportunity to reconnect with nature during lockdown and be reminded of the value of looking after our environment. Recycle Week reminds us that if we all recycle as much as we can, together it will add up to a lot!  Keep an eye out on our social media channels during the week! Follow us on instagram, facebook and twitter@suffolkrecycle.
Letting dangerous litter fly? 
Whilst balloons and sky lanterns are sometimes used to commemorate the passing of a loved one, mark a special occasion or raise money for good causes, they can cause harm or be fatal to wildlife, livestock and zoo animals, as well as be responsible for starting fires. 
Greener and longer lasting alternatives include planting a native tree, a flower garden  or a butterfly garden and the Woodland Trust also run dedication schemes:
For something less permanent, flower or petal floating also can be very memorable, as can lighting candles and lanterns, using bunting, banners and streamers or using bubbles to provide a similar feeling to the release of  balloons. If your chosen alternatives involve making something, consider using materials you've got on hand or were going to recycle anyway – fun for the family and a way of reinforcing the re-use message too!
If you become aware of a balloon or sky lantern release in your community, why not gently suggest these alternative ideas to the organiser? Even if it’s too late for them to change their plans this time, perhaps they will consider the alternatives the next time they arrange an event.
A Final Word from the Suffolk Waste Partnership Chair – Cllr James Mallinder 
I hope you have enjoyed this packed Autumn edition of the SWP Newsletter. After a tough 2020 it’s great to see so many positive projects and opportunities happening across Suffolk.
As we emerge from lockdown and adapt our lives to stay safe from Covid 19, it’s important that we protect the natural world around us so that we can all continue to enjoy Suffolk’s wonderful environment.
Reducing waste, composting, and recycling as much as possible is a great way everyone can play their part. Not only will this help make the most of our precious resources but is a simple and effective way to tackle the climate emergency we all face. The smallest of changes in our behaviour will be hugely beneficial over time. Did you know that using recycled aluminium saves around 95% of the energy needed compared to using raw materials? Astonishing isn’t it? So if we all remember to dispose of our drink cans in the recycling bin, it will make a big difference .
There’s a huge amount of helpful information on our website,, so I’d encourage you all to pop along and take a look. I also heartily recommend our superb recycling A-Z which gives great advice on disposing of everything from batteries to bottle tops, tea bags to toothbrushes
Thanks and take care,  
         #STICKWITHITSUFFOLK   and remember HANDS FACE SPACE               
Use our A-Z of recycling for the best ways to reduce, reuse and recycle most items and if you can't find what you need let us
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