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Ooh it's the first letter of this new year. I hope the year has treated you well so far. I feel pretty optimistic about 2018 and what it may have in store. And I have a couple of (hopefully) exciting news to share with you! Some good changes to come.

New Beginnings

In short, this is what's happening:
  • In one week I am going away to another city, to work at an opera house, for two months!
  • I plan to take a break from arting/crafting/posting/sending newsletters etc during (at least) February. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, as one of my wise Patreon-subscribers put it.
  • I will be back home again ~March 18th, with heaps of creative energy, is the plan, and the magical creative train will be back on track. I believe this little break will work wonders for my creative energy, and energy in general.
  • Side-note: during the break I will be taking another small ceramics class once a week - I'm excited!
You can read all about this in this public Patreon post.

Let's make 2018 a great year, shall we!? :3

40% Sale in my Etsy shop!

Because of this little break I am taking, and to make room for new beginnings in my shop and my life, I am having a big sale.

40% off all physical items - except two of the masks.
  • No coupon code needed - it all happens automatically.
  • The sale ends on Friday afternoon (Swedish time, CET), Jan 19th.
  • All items will be shipped on the 19th.
  • After this all physical items will be gone from the shop, since I will be away from home for two months! (My PDF tutorials will continue to be available.)
To the sale!

Making of the Yule Goat

Making of the Yule Goat / Julbocken - Timelapse - Papier maché Mask & Costume
Making of the Yule Goat / Julbocken - Timelapse - Papier maché Mask & Costume
I have put together a timelapse video of the making of this project!
Click above to go to the Youtube video and see everything from sculpting to making the clothes.
I hope you enjoy!

Looking back at 2017

Above are my eight favorite projects that I finished during 2017.
It's weird, I feel like 2017 passed by insanely fast, but when I look at the boar with glowing mushrooms, it feels like I made that mask years ago!

I did finish quite a few projects that I am pretty proud of, and I think I may have leveled up a bit in my crafting and become a little bit better at bringing to life the idea I have in my head - which often is partly like an image but mostly just a feeling.

Last year was a bit of a struggle for me - I was stressed and exhausted to put it short - although good things happened too. I really had to use every drop of the little energy I had to create the things above. An abundance of ideas and a will to create is almost always there, but the energy to make it happen has been drained. That is why I think a break and change of scenery will be so good for me.

I so look forward to continue to grow and learn and change and experiment and be inspired by amazing artists both online and in my life and go on more adventures in nature!
Take care!
Of yourself and of eachother.

Until next time  /  Caroline AKA Nymla
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