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Hello again, awesome person!
I'm back with another letter. I wanted share something exciting with you... Several excitements actually.

Gratitude Giveaway

Since my Instagram recently passed the 3k follower mark... Wait, scratch that! We now passed 4k and 5k too in just a few days... O_O
I'm blown away... So, I am hosting a giveaway, to try and express my gratitude for the interest in my work and the support from everyone! Click the link below to take part. The giveaway ends on July 1st.
Go to Instagram Giveaway

Keeper of the Lake

This little sleeping Sjörå - or Keeper of the Lake - seems to be the reason for the Instagram madness. You can see the post here.

A sjörå is a female water creature in Scandinavian folklore.

"Sjö" means lake. "Rå" is a mythological being that is a keeper or warden of a particular location, such as lakes, forests or mountains.

She is a shapeshifter and can take the form of a full grown human-like being, as well as a small fish-like creature - as you can see here her colours and markings are much like an abborre (perch).

If you go fishing, you should be careful not to encounter a sjörå. Although, by sharing your picnic with her, she might grant you with a great fishing luck.

There's also a little video of the Sjörå!

Large Resin Horns

Also, I recently added these huge resin horns to my Etsy shop!
These horns have been sculpted, molded and resin cast by me. No real horns used in the process of making these, a good alternative for vegan crafters I'd say.
They are cast hollow so they are light weight.
Now they can be ordered via my Etsy shop so that you can start building for Halloween perhaps?
It's not that long from now, soon there will be pumpkins everywhere <3
Go to the shop

The Full Fog Moon

On another note, I just turned 30, a week and a half ago! Yay? xD
I spent the weekend in a cabin in the woods with friends. It was located by a little lake, where this fog rolled in, and the full moon showed up. I have to say it was pretty magical and slightly creepy and totally inspiring.
Didn't get a good photo of the moon since I only had my mobilephone camera, but here is the view of the lake. I posted more photos over at the Patreon, as well as on Instagram.
I feel so inspired now!
And I think this is what made me finish that little Sjörå.
See more
Thanks for reading and take care!
Hope you are having a chill (summer) solstice.
 /  Caroline AKA Nymla
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