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Hello there! 
I hope everything is well with you, whereever you are in the world reading this! And thank you for doing just that. I hope you'll find this little letter interesting or inspiring in some way.

The Yule Goat and Krampus

The Yule Goat project, that I told you about in my previous letter, is moving forward! (If you missed it, you can read more about this project here in this public Patreon post.)
I have finished this pair of needlebound mittens for the goat guy. I thought he would need something for those dark cold winter nights.
I posted a "Making Of" for the mittens with lots of photos and descriptions of how I made them, in a public post, see below.
Making Of: Mittens for the Yule Goat
I have now also started sculpting the goat mask. Wooouh! The sculpting is being filmed and will be made into a timelapse video that you will be able to see on my Youtube once it's finished.

I'm using the app "Lapse It", and so far it's working pretty great! Although I really need to get a better video editing program soon.
Here is a little sneaky peek at the mask sculpt. Those two metal things on the head will hold the horns, which I will show later...

If you want to see the first two parts of the timelapse right now, as well as more photos and read my ramblings, you can do that as a Lvl2+ Patron, at my Patreon page.
Here's an extra in-progress photo for you that I haven't shared anywhere else yet. :)

I would loove to finish the whole costume, I have so many ideas for it! To be able to complete it, I still have a bunch of props, materials and things I need to get my hands on. I am not completely sure the whole costume can be finished with all the details I want, in time for this Christmas/Yule (or that I will be able to buy all the cool props I want), but I'm gonna do my best!

I have gathered most of the materials I need to make the mask itself.
At any rate, I will definitely finish this mask and offer blank unpainted DIY masks and finished masks for sale, so that those who want can celebrate Yule the right way ;D I will send you an update when that happens in case you are interested.

Fox Mask Timelapse Video

Here's another timelapse thing I put together from when I was making the fox mask! I'm actually starting to get really excited about the idea of making more and better timelapse videos in the future with a DSLR camera, if I can get that stuff set up! It's so fun to make them and people seem to enjoy them too.
Watch it on Youtube

Paper Clay Tutorial Updated!

This paper clay tutorial has really been a labour of love, and many hours of experiments. I've been making paper clay for many years and keep improving and tweaking the recipe all the time. Now I have made a big update to my tutorial, the formula has been updated, new photos added etc. I think no more tweaking will be needed for a long time.
You can get your hands on this tutorial both on Etsy and Patreon.
Find the tutorial in the Etsy shop
Find the tutorial on Patreon

Doro - Customized Vinyl Toy

Here is another project I've been working on lately, something a little different than my usual work! I was so happy to be asked by Remjie Malham - who's work I have admired through the computer screen for years - to customize one of her vinyl toys and have it in a show she is putting together in Taipei, later this month at the Wrong Gallery.

So this little creature is called Doro, and he is designed and sculpted by Remjie, produced by Red Hot Style, then I got my hands on it and painted and customized it to become Doro in the Swedish forest.
This is what he looked like when I got him. You can see more public photos over at my Patreon page (as well as WIP photos as a LVL2+ Patron), link below.
See more Doro pics!

Styrofoam Sturgeon Tutorial

Here's another one that is a little different from the usuals.
Let me ask you, have you always dreamt of building your very own huge faux fish? Of course you have!
I made this lifesized (about 160 cm in length) styrofoam sturgeon in 2013 and I also made a tutorial for it which I just happened to find when moving stuff around on my computer, and I thought why not share it with y'all!
Check out the tutorial here.


I quite like photography, and to capture all those little details and textures and hidden little worlds in the forest. I was really into photography during high school ("gymnasiet", in Sweden) and
I seem to have gotten back into it over the last few years.
I post quite a lot of nature photos, as well as art, on my Instagram, for example these mushroom photos. If you want to see more of my photos you can check out my Instagram below, or just search for Nymla.
I find so much inspiration in the forest!
Go to Instagram.

Just me, in da studio.

I will bid you farewell for this time, with a little photo of me in my studiospace. Someday I want to make a studio tour video! The photo was taken by Thea Holmqvist when she visited to interview me for the local newspaper a while back.
 I hope you are having a super cozy autumn!
Good bye for now.

 /  Caroline AKA Nymla
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