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Hi there!
Feeling that Yule spirit sneaking in on you yet? Here in Sweden it's such a beautiful autumn at the moment and I am craving everything Halloween:y!
But I wanted to get this Yule Goat themed shop update out there are soon as I could - so that those of you who wants to put together their own Yule Goat or Krampus or other kind of costume would have the time for it. And those of you living far away from Sweden would have time to get things shipped your way.
The shop update is now LIVE!
Check it out by clicking the button below.
To the shop update!


Some items also included in the sale, that I didn't have time to photograph for the preview I sent you about a week ago. Here are some surprises for you!
Check out the arched top cards HERE and the regular cards HERE.

I'm crazy excited to announce that I have collaborated with the amazing artist Bakhareva Ksenia (aka Bonificat) to make these holiday cards! Ksenia made this illustration based on my own Yule Goat costume, and I love it.
The regular cards have rounded corners, and I also hand cut a few to an arched top.
Check out the large straw goat HERE and the smaller one HERE.

I got my hands on these two old straw goats and I just had to include them in the sale. 

The goat as a yule symbol is well used in Scandinavia, even today, and dates back to ancient Pagan festivals. In older Scandinavian society the last sheaf of grain bundled from the harvest was said to have magical properties and was saved for the Yule celebrations, and made into among other things Yule goats. A popular Christmas prank was to place this Yule goat in a neighbour's house without them noticing; the family successfully pranked had to get rid of it in the same way.
A popular theory is also that the celebration of the goat is connected to worship of the Norse god Thor, who rode the sky in a chariot drawn by two goats, Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr.
Check out these vintage postcards HERE.

Five vintage postcards, two featuring goats. All images are painted by the Swedish artist Jenny Nyström (1854-1946). She was a painter and illustrator who is mainly known as the person who created the Swedish image of the "jultomte" on numerous Christmas cards and magazine covers, thus linking the Swedish version of Santa Claus to the gnomes of Scandinavian folklore.
More old beautiful sleighbells! Check them out HERE.
At midnight (CEST/Sweden) on October 13th this "Yule Goat" sale ends, after which these items will no longer be available.
I will be shipping your packages at two dates: Oct 8th and 15th.
I am keeping this sale simple and short, since I am working full time at another job, in another city, until November.

Here is the link again to my Etsy shop, where the sale is happening.

Thank you so darn much for the interest in my work, no matter if you are purchasing anything or just reading/seeing my posts or newsletters! To think that you want to spend some time on enjoying my work is just amazing to me!
Thank You
/  Caroline AKA Nymla
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Thank you! 
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