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I know I've been absent for a while with these letters - I'm sorry! - But I'm here bringing you some thrilling announcements!

Yule Goat shop update

Lets start with the most exciiite!
Yesterday I was photographing items like a madman and today I bring to you the preview of the Yule Goat themed shop update! First some info.

October 1st, the sale/update itself will go live in my Etsy shop.
I will send out another newsletter the moment it goes live.

October 8th I will pack and ship the items purchased thus far.

October 13th the shop update ENDS!
The items will no longer be available after this date.
(Because of the limited time I have for this atm.
Getting this done at weekends since I work another job until Nov!)

October 15th I will pack and ship the remaining purchases.
The usual shipping time estimates are:
Sweden: 3 days
Europe: 1-2 weeks
Rest of the world: 2-3 weeks

It can differ of course, I don't have control over the shipping or the customs. Also, large packages (like masks etc) are automatically sent with express to most countries, and will usually arrive faster then the estimates above.
If you like hanging on Facebook, you can go to the event I made for this sale, to be updated through there:
Facebook Event

The Preview!

All prices in SEK (Swedish krona). Prices are excluded shipping, but included VAT (tax for EU folks). This means that shipping costs will be free/lower for folk outside of EU, to discount the VAT.
Large besom: 565 SEK                                 Small besom: 265 SEK
Tails made by me. Long tail: 980 SEK         Shorter tail: 950 SEK
Knitted sweater, dyed/patinated by me. XL/XXL: 935 SEK. L: 815 SEK.
Knitted sweater, dyed/patinated by me. M: 690 SEK        M: 815 SEK
M: 690 SEK                                                     Old birch bark backpack: 690 SEK
Old wood splint backpack. Left one: 565 SEK   Right one: 690 SEK
Old bells. Left one: 150 SEK                       Right one: 250 SEK
Old bells. Left ones: 320 SEK                       Right one: 320 SEK
Old bells. Left one: 290 SEK                       Right ones: 125 SEK
Old bell: 125 SEK. Old wooden lantern (one glass wall missing): 250 SEK
Old large rusty lantern: 690 SEK             Old red lantern: 440 SEK
Vintage postcards. 150 SEK for 4 cards on one sheet.
Old sami reindeer shoes: 725 SEK    Antique wooden spoons: 250 SEK
Antique wooden spoons. 250 SEK for a pair.
Handmade basket: 565 SEK                    Old wood splint basket: 440 SEK
Woven ribbon 14mm width: 70 SEK/meter.  25mm width: 80 SEK/meter
Large antique iron key: 700 SEK            Smaller old key: 200 SEK
Last but not least, I will have two of these blank goat masks for sale. Made of paper clay, the large detachable horns are made of resin.
2375 SEK for one mask.
These are most but not all items included in the update. There are a few things I have not yet photographed so they will have to be a surprise for a bit later!

Hope you as excited as me about this Yule Goat update!
I love the Yule Goat "theme" so much.
Thank you so much for looking through this preview!

Patron of the Arts Patch

On to other things, let me update you on what I've been up to since my last update.
In June I made these hand carved and hand printed fabric patches for my Patrons! I've for a long time wanted to make something special for them so it was fun to finally go through with this.

Pottery Pitfire Experiments

In July I did this big pit fire experiment! I have really fallen in love with pottery, and I have been able to take a couple of evening pottery classes this and last year. I had been aching to try out firing something in a pit, and I got to it this summer! It was so much fuuuun and I need to keep experimenting with this when I get the time! I have some ideas that I want to incorporate the ceramic material somehow into my other projects like the masks and costumes. We shall see what happens.

Here are some of my favs from this summer's pit fire.
Go and check out my big public post on Patreon with lots of photos and info about how I did the pit fire, the results etc, here.

Waiting for Fire

More ceramic things. I have been making many beads that I have been saying I am going to fire in another pit fire and put many of them up for sale.
Just letting you know I have not had the time to fire them yet, first because we had such a hot summer with heatwaves and fire bans and then because I have been working full time at an opera house lately, where I will be until November.
After this I want to get a fire going, I'm really curious how they will turn out!

Waiting for Spring

In August I finished this commission I'd been working on for a while.
I was commissioned to make a piece inspired by Lake Tahoe and it’s flora and fauna. This was kind of tricky to photograph, it really is best seen in real life. But here are some photos for you. You can see more on my Patreon.

You can find a little rabbit, a baby American pika, a rattlesnake and a little mink. They are all cuddled up inside the antlers from a Columbia Black-tailed deer. The antlers are real and were sent to me from the client that commissioned this.


This summer has also had a bunch of wonderful experiences, spending time with lovely folks, getting to enjoy beautiful nature like this, picking lots of blueberries, cloudberries and now also some mushrooms.
Although I always regret not being out in nature more often! I think this will have to be my next new years promise to myself or something.
I also got to go to the island of Gotland (still in Sweden but pretty much feels like going abroad xD) this summer, got to see some beautiful sceneries and visit the medieval market! <3
Here's a photo of part of the Visby city wall, built in the 12th century. I drool over all the amazing old buildings and ruins in Visby. I haven't even had time to go through the photos from this trip, or the photos I got from the previous mushroom hunting this autumn, because I am currently working full time at an opera house (until Nov) like I mentioned earlier. But I will get to it and share it with you in probably the next newsletter!
That's it from me for this time. I will get back to you soon when the shop update goes live - I hope you will bare with me for doing a couple of newsletter pretty close to eachother this time.
I wish you the most cozy autumn with lots of hot tea, or whatever is your jam!
Until next time
/  Caroline AKA Nymla
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Thank you! 
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