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Happy new year to you!

Maybe a liittle late for holiday wishes but... I hope you all got to have a cozy fun holiday time and that you have had a great start to this year.
It's only been almost a month, but my year has been very good so far, I have this fantastic boost of creative energy and I feel very optimistic about what this year might have in store!
Lately I have been working on improving the Yule Goat costume & mask as well as making new little trolls! Let me show you.

The Yule Goat visits a yule market

At the beginning of December me and a friend had a great time visiting this cozy little christmas/yule market in Skellefteå Sweden. It is always so much fun to see my masks/costumes come alive and actually move around! And so fun to see peoples reactions.
Click below to see the video!
The yule goat actor is my friend Magnus Marklund. Besides being an awesome goat once a year he also makes awesome watercolour paintings that you can see here:


Another project I have also been working a lot on is the evolution of my little trolls. Now known as NorrTroll.

I started making these trolls a long time ago, I think I maybe made the first one in 2013. From the beginning they didn't have arms or feet for example. But I have slowly been improving, changing, updating and giving the trolls a little evolution.
Lately I have been working out how to give them poseable arms, head and tail, and made little feet for them and other both technical and visual sprucing up.
I have also been working on a logo just for the trolls, as well as writing down much of their background story, although there is still much more work left on that text.
As a Patreon supporter you can see lots more work-in-progress and behind-the-scenes content. Here are some WIP photos of the troll named Jorma, or Prototype 0.5.
The troll Jorma was finished, but I still am making some more improvements before the new kind of troll will be made available for sale. This particular troll is not for sale, but future ones will be available for purchase and you folks reading this newsletter will get notified of this.

See the finished Jorma below:
You are quite lucky if you manage to get a glimpse of these trolls, since they can go invisible from the sight of humans, at their own will. Although I have heard of some kind of special round stone with a hole in the center, that will make the troll visible if you peek through the hole.
You can see more photos of Jorma here.

I am also working on making some DIY kits for the Norrtroll!
So you can make your own troll, starting with an unpainted cast head, hands, feet, a pattern and fabric etc.
So keep your eyes peeled for news about that, I'm super excited about it! :D

This Beautiful Winter

I used to think I didn't like winter, because I'm cold all the time, and winter is boring? But I think I love it now. How can I not? All of this snow makes everything so magically beautiful!

A while ago I visited a friends cabin, it was crazy cold but we kept a fire going the whole time and it was super cozy.
Thought I should share these photos with you.

Ceramic Masks

Lastly I wanna share my exciiiitement in the fact that I found a ceramics class that I will be going to one day a week, starting in about two weeks.
There I will be trying to make these mask sculpts into ceramics! I have the molds for my masks - for example the fox, goat and boar - and I think they will work well as press molds for ceramic clay too. I'm so freaking excited to try it out, and see what I can come up with with the ceramic glazes, and also with pit firing them later this year!
So expect updates from these experiments in the following months.
Stay safe and take care!
Best wishes from Jorma and Caroline
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Thank you! 
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