This edition's topics – June 2018

The latest on products and services

Here’s the latest on the products and services we’re currently working on.

Interested in knowing more about the what we’re up to? You can find an overview of of our in-flight and past products and access resources in one place on our Products page!


Improve access to benefits for Veterans

The partner: Veterans Affairs Canada

The product: An online tool to make it easier for Veterans to determine which benefits, programs, and services are relevant to them. 

Current status and next steps:
  • The product team entered the alpha phase, building multiple prototypes of the online service and testing content and usability with Veterans.
  • The team is continuing to iterate and is currently recruiting Veterans and military families for further rounds of usability testing. Want to contribute, or know someone who would? Help us improve the product.

Reschedule a citizenship test

The partner: Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

The product: A service that will let people reschedule their citizenship test online, moving away from paper-based processes. 

Current status and next steps:
  • The product team is continuing to develop the service, building a version that’s able to handle real rescheduling requests from people applying to become Canadian citizens.
  • The team is also conducting accessibility testing with Level Access to make sure the service is inclusive and accessible for individuals who may use assistive technologies.
  • Entering the beta phase, the service will first launch at the Vancouver local office and be continuously tested by citizenship applicants and frontline staff.

Helping to make government websites more secure - NEW!

The partner: Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, Chief Information Officer Branch
The product: A web tool to check which government sites and web services are meeting good security practices, including enforcing Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS).
Current status and next steps:
  • The product team has been actively developing the alpha version of a dashboard that shows site owners whether their website domains are secure, since mid-April.
  • The beta version, which is almost set to launch, will help encourage government departments who don’t meet the modern web security standards that Canadians expect to enforce practices such as HTTPS.

CDS and Dalhousie partner to assess digital training needs

As the digital landscape shifts, designing and delivering services that work for Canadians requires learning new skills. We’re excited to announce a partnership with Dalhousie University to conduct a Training Needs Analysis. Over the course of the summer, we will work together to understand the needs of public servants, in particular, what digital skills and competencies would help them be more effective in providing better services to the public. Stay tuned for more information! 

CDS Show and Tell event

The date is set for our second Show and Tell! Join us to learn about some of the products we’ve been working on and hear about what’s next on the horizon. 

Friday June 15th, 2018
In person at CDS Office (Sold out)
Livestream on YouTube starts at 2 pm (ET) 

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