National Consultative Council Allan Woods Building Canberra. The NCC is a joint meeting of all Airservices Executives and the Joint Unions representing Airservices employees.

NCC: 29th July 2019 – Alan Woods Building.
  • Opening: CEO Harfield explained timelines of technological progress over the last 250yrs, the differences between linear and exponential growth and advancement. In light of recent celebrations of 50yrs since first man on the moon and the differences in technology then to now.
Exponential technological growth continues to be seen around the world, and it is clearly evident that human adaptability is slow – i.e. mindsets, tools, networks.
AsA want to improve their use and integration of various technological mediums to be at the pointy end of the progress chart.
  • Airservices want to push ahead in changing and evolving regulatory rules, dragging CASA along with them in promoting change. This will be achieved via Exemptions and Dispensations.
  • Manager bonuses are now dependant on them completing various management training packages and programs – to be eligible for any bonus, these training modules must be completed before each end of financial year.
Employee Opinion Survey:
Managers should now have started having meetings with their teams about the EOS results, and specifically results broken down to their specific Workgroups etc…
Also, there shouldn’t be a problem any problem in obtaining higher level EOS data results and reports upon request to your respective managers.
Rog Porter: EGM ARFF
ARFF focus on various identified work streams:
  • HSE (Health, Safety, Environment)
  • PFAS
  • Comms – We welcome Darren Davies to head this stream
  • Job Leader Programs, including mentor and development opportunities.
  • Training and Leadership – James Harrington is to transfer across from the Training academy to head this stream.
  • Vehicles and Equipment
  • Facilities and Training.
  • Support.
Sitting outside all of these themes is the ARFF Modernisation plan, work underway to identify and work to modernise various aspects of the ARFF – “Taking ARFF from the Flintstones to the Jetsons”.

Sean Butler:
Work to improve outcomes – ‘Actions to improve outcomes’. Largely to be managed via the new Success Factors portal.
WPA (Work Performance Assessments) Will begin to role out electronic version, for non-operational areas of the organisation. Discussions can be had by operational managers to assess suitability.
Our mailing address is:
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