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As a part of every monthly update, I like to list off the articles from the past month. Naturally, this list is dynamically generated from my RSS feed, so you can expect to see at least 8 articles a month. To see more, head on over to the articles section of The Renegade Coder

It's Time to Rethink the Hackathon Featured ImageAfter three hackathons, I figured it was time to talk about the way to move forward. Surely, we can make them a lot better.

Individualism Is Rotting America Featured ImageSometimes I just want to rant about problems like individualism in our society. Is that too much to ask?

There Is No Value in Ranking Programming Languages Featured ImageThis debate over what is and isn't a programming language has gone on too long. Let's talk about the cost of gatekeeping in tech.

10 Answers to Google Autocomplete Questions About Python Featured ImageGoogle autocomplete does a great job of sharing popular search strings. Today, I figured I'd address a few related to Python.

How to Convert an Integer to a String in Python Featured ImageToday, we'll take a look at a few different ways to convert an integer to a string in Python. As it turns out, each solution takes just a couple characters.

What's the Difference Between Arrays and Lists in Python? Featured ImageLooking to gain some clarity around Python's use of terms array and list? We'll I tried my best to do that! Let's get confused together.

Have You Ever Tried to Explore Outside Your Echo Chamber? Featured ImageIf you spend enough time on social media, you're bound to get a little depressed. But, what happens if you step outside you echo chamber?

The Sample Programs Website Automatically Generates Featured Images Featured ImageRecently, I decided to combine my interest in automation with continuous integration, and it spawned automatic featured images.

The Sample Programs Repo Squashes Commits Featured ImageI recently started squashing pull requests instead of merging them, and I think I'm addicted.


In my free time, I try to supplement my articles with YouTube videos. Unfortunately, this section isn't dynamically generated, and I haven't been as active lately. That said, I like to keep this section around for the new folks! If you'd like to see more videos like this, check out my YouTube channel
In this video, we tackle 3 unique ways to comment code in Python.
In this video, we take a look at how math operators can be used to compare strings.


While writing is obviously a passion of mine, I couldn't call myself The Renegade Coder if I didn't write code from time to time. Here's a curated list of project updates. If you're interested to see what we're working on in real time, check out the GitHub organization.
As many of you know, The Renegade Coder community maintains a massive repository of code snippets. Currently, the project has 300+ stars and 500+ forks. In addition, the project features 575+ code snippets, 125+ programming languages, and 25+ language tests.

Thank you to all the folks who supported us during Hacktoberfest. Every year the repo gets a little bit better! Over the next year, we plan to tighten things up with more testing and documentation. Expect a flawless experience in 2021. If you'd like to be a part of this project, run over to GitHub and make a pull request. 
Recently, I kicked off a project with a friend of mine to develop a tool to generate color palettes for the North American debut of Phantasy Star Online 2. That said, with the announcement of PSO2: New Genesis, this tool might not be needed. Of course, that doesn't stop me from bragging about it!

Currently, when you run the tool, you'll get a nice preview of where to click on the palette to get the color you want. For instance, here's The Renegade Coder color palette:

Overall, I'm quite pleased with the software, and I hop some folks will get some use out of it!
Many of you are familiar with my ongoing How to Python series which I kicked off in late 2017, but did you know that you can find bonus content on GitHub? For example, you can find a table of all the articles with links to source code, challenges, and videos. 

Speaking of challenges, did you know that many of the articles in the series include a social media challenge. If you head over to Twitter right now, you can post your own solutions to these challenges using #RenegadePython. If I see yours, I'll give it a share!

Finally, if you have any ideas for articles, feel free to reply to this email or create an issue on GitHub. 
Isn't this image sharp? Recently, the The Renegade Coder Image Titler tool was updated to version 2.3.3. Here are the latest of changes:
  • Image files are now tagged with version metadata (1.9.0)
  • GUI support added where settings can be preloaded (2.0.0/2.2.0)
  • Title bars now derive their color from the logo (1.8.0)
  • Images can now be loaded in batches (1.7.0)
  • Title font can be changed (2.1.0)
  • Image size can be changed (2.3.0)
In addition to these features, users can also specify an output folder, add a custom title, and even provide a border. To use this tool, run `pip install image-titler` on your machine today.


Did you know that The Renegade Coder uses Plausible for website analytics? Now, all website stats are public! Here's a rough summary for November 2020:
  • 12.1k unique visitors (-0.7k)
  • 15.2k unique page views (-1.9k)
Here are some of the most popular articles of the last month: Also, here are some quick lifetime stats for folks who support me on Patreon:
  • 6 patrons
  • $25/month
  • 23 exclusive posts ($5+ tiers)
Here's to hoping for another successful month!


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Jeremy Grifski
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