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Events and announcements

EA DC is taking a break from hosting events in December as we focus on building capacity and preparing for a stellar 2022!  We'll be back in January with even more, including the types of events you can express interest in below: 
  • An 80k podcast discussion group - if you're interested fill out this  form
  • A direct service event like volunteering at a food bank or soup kitchen, doing a park clean up, etc - if you're interested fill out this form.
  • An EA DC accountability group to help you stick to your goals and accomplish more in 2022 - if you're interested fill out this form.
  • EA DC's newly created committees. Work with EA DC organizers as a volunteer as little as 2 hours to help the EA DC community and learn news skills!  If you're interested or want to learn more fill out this form.
  • An EA-themed Music League game just for fun (more info below)!
However there are plenty of virtual events in Dec. that may interest you (not organized by us):

Help level up EA DC!

We are organizing EA DC committees to help run this group and want you to join! With as little as 2 hours a week you can help grow our EA DC community and learn new skills!  
  • Operations / leadership (setting strategic goals, establishing procedures, general leadership and community health)
  • Communications (social media channels, newsletter, publicizing events, website)
  • Outreach / welcome wagon (reaching out to new members of the community, and other groups / people we could collaborate with)
  • Events  (planning events, running them)
Interested or want to learn more? Fill out this form!  

Contrats to our trivia winners!

Congrats to Betzalel, Harrison, Paul, and Patrick who won last month's trivia contest! They split their prize money up as follows: $50 to the Founders Pledge Patient Philanthropy Fund, $25 to the Against Malaria Foundation, and $25 to the Clean Air Task Force. 
Do you know someone in our community that should be in the spotlight? Maybe you have just published a book, gotten a new job, or started a new charity or project? If you have an idea for a future spotlight please email us to let us know!

EA-themed Music League!

We're running an EA-themed Music League game starting in December and you should join! Music League:

is a weekly game which lets you share songs with friends and score points for whoever’s track slaps the most. Each week you’re given a theme, eg. “a song that gets you on the dancefloor”, “a song you’ve loved from this year”, and you have a week to make your submission.

The tracks are then all automatically added to an anonymous Spotify playlist which you and your league listen to, before voting for which track you like the best. You have 10 points to dish out and – for the wannabe music critics among you – comments to leave on each song. When you reach the deadline, the points are tallied and a winner declared.

Sign up here by 12/5!

Find roommates and co-work mates:

Looking to live with other DC-area EAs? Check out this spreadsheet for available rooms in the area or add your name if you are looking for a place or looking to rent.

Want to co-work with other DC EAs? Sign up on this EA DC co-working interest form. Interested in the broader community? Check out the EA Focusmate group to co-work with EAs from around the world!

Join a reading / listening group:

Are you interested in joining an 80k podcast discussion group? If so, fill out this quick form to let us know how often and when you'd like to meet and if there's a critical mass we'll be in touch to schedule it! 

EA DC Book Club: We finished Strangers Drowning: Impossible Idealism, Drastic Choices, and the Urge to Help and will start another book shortly -- let us know your suggestions by replying to this email!

EA DC Article Reading Group: Meets monthly, covering a different topic area of interest each month. This group is currently at capacity and will reopen to newcomers shortly

Cause area meetups:

Want to meet and work with EAs organized around your favorite cause area? Our cause area meetup groups are going strong. If you’d like to join the mailing lists for any of our groups please fill out this form and we’ll add you!   Would you like to facilitate a cause area group? Email us if you're interested or would like to learn more!

New DC-based Jobs:

Articles and recommendations:

Charity news and updates:

Get in touch with us!

The Effective Altruism Movement is growing quickly and we're glad you have decided to get more involved. If you have any further questions on effective altruism or how you can get involved in the area, our DC EA team is here for you! Feel free to reach out to us directly at and/or sign up for a 1-1 chat here!
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