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Upcoming Events / Deadlines:

Community spotlight on, well… us!

We’re excited to announce that DC EA received a grant from CEA to allow Andy (back left) to work part time on organizing this group! We’ve got a great group of volunteer organizers as well, Melissa (left front), Geoff (right front), and Ben (right back)—and we’ve got a lot of exciting things planned for this group. If you want to chat with us, get involved in any way—big or small—or if you have questions or feedback, please get in touch!

Do you know someone in our community that should be in the spotlight? Maybe you have just published a book, gotten a new job, or started a new charity or project? If you have an idea for a future spotlight please email us to let us know!

Sign up for cause-specific meetups:

Looking to connect with others interested in a specific cause area like AI, Animal Welfare, Global Poverty, or Climate Change? We’re organizing cause-specific meet-ups (either online or in person) for people currently living within the DC area or who are looking to move here. Please complete the interest form (~1 minute to complete) if you might be interested in such meet-ups!

Click here for the interest form!

Interested in a social sports league through DC Fray? Indicate interest by filling out this quick form! ⚽⚾🏈🏐

Join a Reading Group:

EA DC Book Reading Group: The next book we’re going to be reading is Julia Galef’s new book The Scout Mindset: Why Some People See Clearly and Others Don’t. Meeting on June 9 and 23.

EA DC Article Reading Group: Meets monthly, covering a different topic area of interest each month. This month the topic is mental health as a cause area and we’re meeting on June 22. Join the email list and feel free to drop in for any discussion that would interest you, or feel free to simply enjoy the readings on your own. Email to be added!

DC EAs and Longtermists are reading Brian Christian’s new book The Alignment Problem: Machine Learning and Human Values. Meeting first on June 27. For more info email

Housing Spreadsheet

Looking to live with other DC-area EAs? Check out this spreadsheet for available rooms in the area or add your name if you are looking for a place or looking to rent.

DC-Based Jobs:

Article and Misc. Recommendations:

Charity News & Recommendations:

Get in touch!

The Effective Altruism Movement is growing quickly and we're glad you have decided to get more involved. If you have any further questions on effective altruism or how you can get involved in the area, our DC EA team is here for you! Feel free to reach out to us directly at and/or sign up for a 1-1 chat here!

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