Updates July 4th-11th

This ended our last week of hosting our daily Town Hall series. Beginning on Monday, July 13th we are moving to a weekly schedule. We hope that you have enjoyed the meetings and will continue to join us on Mondays at either 3:30 or 4:30pm. There are some small class time adjustments as a result. Be sure to review this week’s schedule so as not to miss any of your favorite groups!

No positive cases for individuals supported by CSS however two employees did test positive.  It has now been over six weeks with no positive cases for individuals supported through CSS, and that’s in large part due to the new procedures we have put into place and the diligence of all employees in following all protocols. As the ability to test has become more available, CSS is testing more employees and individuals to err on the side of caution.

This week we began a new activity at Seneca Park. John Solyst is coordinating activities at the park and residents and staff from one house will arrive and stay for 60-90 minutes at a time. They begin with stretching exercises tailored to individual skills and then play an outdoor game such as “Musical Tree”. They end their time at the park with a nice 20 minute nature walk. So far everyone has been having a great time and we look forward to hearing more about this new activity  next week. 

Alex Warren, Director of Children’s Services, gave an update on the Extended School Year (ESY.)  School has been back in session for one week and students are meeting daily with their teachers. Students are also receiving their related services such as OT & Speech Therapy. The administrative team is currently working on a recovery plan so they can potentially return at the end of August which will include both in-person and remote options as well as a hybrid depending on what a family would prefer and what would make the most sense for an individual student. 

Five teams were recognized this week during our daily town hall virtual meetings. These spotlights feature the hard work that everyone has done over the last two months as we have had to adapt and change how services are provided while ensuring that everyone’s safety is at the forefront. We visited with Bayridge, Tribeca and Gateway. All of the teams featured enjoyed a pizza lunch and received personalized cards. 

Then, on Thursday we recognized the nursing team for their exceptional work during this public health crisis. We met with Erin Nickell, Medical Coordinator, and Darla Carter, Director of Nursing. We heard how the nursing team met the challenge of the last few months with teamwork and communication. They spoke of the initial struggle in finding and providing adequate supplies. Many necessary PPE items were either insufficient or weren’t adequate and the team had to figure out how to ensure everyone would be safe and find these crucial items. 

In March, the nursing team already had a full caseload trying to keep people healthy and then once the pandemic hit their jobs became that much more intensive. Darla shared with us the challenges of not being able to meet with everyone face to face and still providing the best care possible. We heard some of the amazing stories from the team and how well everyone has been working together. As Erin said, “That’s what nurses do, we just get it done.”

 And we concluded on Friday with celebrating the hard work of the Day Services team. We heard from several of the employees that are providing direct and virtual supports and how some of the unique schedules have been adapted. A video highlighting a few of the activities taking place was shown and can be found here:


Thank you for joining us for our daily Town Halls and we will see you tomorrow as we begin our weekly series!


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