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Introducing Our 11 New Members

This year's Fall rush continued the momentum of last Spring and through the organized and dedicated hard work of the brothers, produced an outstanding result.  The education efforts of the chapter were led by Brother Pi, Richie Berlinghof and supported by an energized group of brothers.  The new members also had the opportunity to have a House Tour and learn about notable Dekes and traditions via zoom led by Eric Neumann '96, Vin Bertomeu '95, and myself.   The new members have now finished their education, culminating in a successful Initiation this past weekend.

And now, our new brothers:

Noah Andrew Choe
My name is Noah Choe, and I am from Ellicott City, Maryland. I am currently a sophomore studying International Agriculture and Rural Development. In the future, I hope to find a career in demography where I can explore how the population around us evolves and further understand social change. My interests include watching my favorite team Manchester United prosper in the Premier League and interpreting Scorsese incendiary films- my favorite Scorsese movie is After Hours. During my free time, I eat a lot of Korean food and take long walks in the forest/
Biproprosad Das
My name is Bipro Das. I'm a sophomore from Ronkonkoma, NY, on Long Island, studying psychology with a concentration in behavioral neuroscience, pre-med. I'm thinking of double majoring in bio, but I'm not quite sure if it would make sense to do neurobiology as well as behavioral neuro on the side of my psych major. Regardless, I'm on the pre-medical track to ultimately end up as a cardio-thoracic surgeon. My hobbies include: writing, drawing, videogames (if I'm home), martial arts (shito-ryu karate), and a bit of guitar. Also, I've been studying Japanese consistently and I'm probably going to apply for a program to study there over the Summer, which is my immediate goal as of now.
Vinayak Ganesan
Hi! My name is Vinayak Ganesan (Vinny) and I am a sophomore premed studying Biometry and Statistics at CALS with a minor in Business from Plainsboro, NJ (near Princeton). I am an avid fencer, scuba diver, and backpacker and love anything to do with the outdoors. In my free time, I also enjoy reading, some of the books I have read recently are Better by Atul Gawande, Habits by Charles Duhigg, and I am looking forward to reading Freakonomics by Steven Levitt. Currently, I have been working on getting my certifications to become an EMT and an external firefighter I am also a part of Cornell’s club fencing team and the Effective altruism club. In the coming year, I hope to get more involved with medical research and shadowing.
John Louis Hanna
Hi everyone, my name is John Hanna and I am a sophomore in the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management and am originally from Levittown, Long Island, NY. Some of my interests include history, working out, hockey, soccer, and trivia. Professionally, I am working towards a career in finance, an on campus am involved in various finance organizations as well as community service and leadership clubs. I am excited to get to know the DKE brotherhood and alumni and to becoming a part of this community.
Michael Dean Levy
I'm Michael Levy, from Suffern, New York, in Rockland County next to Westchester, and I’m currently a sophomore in CALS majoring in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Biochemistry. My interests include bowling, hiking, surfing, and playing tennis. I was captain of the varsity bowling team in high school, and I've bowled a 300 on the Cornell team. I play instruments such as the piano and guitar. I recently started a punk rock band with my friends over the summer, and we’re in the process of releasing our first album in about a month. I enjoy skateboarding and doing some tricks while on the way to class. I also like going to the gym to lift weights, and I enjoy cooking steaks after a long hike. I also have three gerbils at home, and over the years I’ve owned various betta fish.
Oscar Jack Dyas Lopez
Hello! My name is Oliver Jack Dyas Lopez. I’m a sophomore in Arts & Sciences from Manhattan, New York City. I’m currently planning to major in Computer Science (super interested in machine learning!), but I actually came into freshman year as a prospective English student, so I’m still trying to figure it all out. I’m also an EMT, so I might go into a healthcare/CS intersection.

I consider (and pride) myself on being a large, but unimposing, personality. Part of what drew me to DKE is that the guys here are similarly wired. In my free time I like playing chess and competitive video games; I suck at chess but I peaked in the top 500 players in North America for a game called Teamfight Tactics. I can’t wait to join the DKE family and make great memories!

Samuel Paul Nichols

I’m Samuel Nichols, a sophomore from Brewster, NY. I am majoring in Industrial and Labor Relations with a focus on economics. My professional interests include entrepreneurship, venture capital, and the intersection of business and sustainability. I am fortunate to have already had the opportunity to work for three early-stage start-ups which were focused on social impact. Outside of school and my professional endeavors, I enjoy writing fiction, cooking, backpacking, film, and art.

Rathip Rajakumar

My name is Rath Raja and I am a sophomore transfer at Cornell studying Economics and Philosophy at the College of Arts and Sciences from Granite Bay, California which is right outside Sacramento. I am interested in pursuing a career in business and politics, ideally serving as an elected officer for my community. I also love poetry, tennis, movies, formula 1, and long form musical analysis.
Cesar Moises Rodriguez
My name is Cesar Rodriguez. Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, I was able to dedicate myself to my education and earn my spot at Cornell. At Cornell, I participate in Army ROTC while also being enlisted in the local Infantry National Guard unit and working at the Cornell fitness centers. Moreover, my studies at Cornell revolve around my interest in history. While originally a prospective history major, I am currently an archeology major with the hopes of one day being an archaeologist and lecturer. My hobbies include watching films, running and generally working out.

Jacob Harris Rubin

My name is Jacob, and I am from Rockland County, New York, which is an hour north of New York City. Some of my hobbies include photography, playing video games, and playing instruments. I play the piano, violin, and guitar, and I am currently in a band with some friends. I am a Sophomore in CALS, majoring in Animal Science in a Pre-Veterinary Medicine concentration. I am in Cornell Bowling Club, Cornell’s Pre-Veterinary Society, and Cornell’s Guiding Eyes for the Blind chapter. In the future, I aspire to become a mixed practice veterinarian where I own my own practice.
Layne Michael Sulton
Hello, my name is Layne. My hometown is Hamilton, NY, just five minutes from Colgate University. Here at Cornell, I'm a sophomore and I'm majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I'm undecided in what field I'd like to go into in the future; however, I have enjoyed working with CAD in order to industrially manufacture small metal parts and for brainstorming small projects. Some of my other interests are fishing, watching hockey, and competitive video games. I enjoy staying active with casual soccer and running. I look forward to learning more about DKE's history through its alumni.

In the bonds,



Mike Furman ‘79

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