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Introducing Our 14 New Members

We had a very successful rush.  This year, students had to complete two hours of online training before they could participate in rush or receive any bids from fraternities.  As a result, Deke along with many other houses, issued one set of bids during formal rush, and then a second set of bids as other worthy candidates completed their online training.  On February 3, Deke held its bid acceptance dinner which featured remarks from Brothers Furman, Davidson and Platt.

The education efforts of the chapter are led by Brother Pi, Layne Sultan and supported by an energized group of brothers.  The new members have also had the opportunity to learn from some notable Deke alumni from past decades about their experiences and traditions via zoom.  The new members participated in a meaningful Initiation on the weekend of March 3.

And now, our new brothers:

Hyungjun Choi
Hi everybody! My full name's Hyungjun Choi but I usually go by Jun. I'm from Gainesville, Florida and currently live in San Antonio, Texas, but was born in South Korea. I'm a current freshman in the College of Arts & Sciences double majoring in economics and computer science. Some of my hobbies are swimming, weight lifting, and hanging out with the boys. I'm looking forward to spending the next great years with my brothers and carrying on the DKE legacy with a Keystone in my hand.
Ismaa’il Eaddy.
My name is Ismaa’il Eaddy. I am currently a freshmen studying biological sciences in the college of arts and sciences on the pre med track. I enjoy working out and spending time with friends and family. I’m excited to join the long lineage of the brotherhood and forge meaningful connections.
Sean Haines Fruman
My name is Sean Haines Fruman and I am a freshman mechanical engi-neering student at Cornell. I’m from Long Island, New York, and I have Ukrainian and Ashkenazi Jewish roots. I love music, I sing and play guitar, drums, and saxophone, and the hardest of all, the triangle. I also like to ski, surf, workout, watch movies and build Legos. I also like to steal shit off the road when I’m hammered. I stole a huge traffic cone to my dorm once. I’m excited to be a part of the brotherhood and to rage with y'all.
Blake Green
My name is Blake Green, and I am a freshman in Engineering. I plan to pursue ORIE with a minor in business and hope to go into consulting. I am from Kent Ohio. I like to play sports, lift weights, and hang with the boys. Can't wait to see what the future holds.
Devansh Khadka
Hi my name is Devansh Khadka and I am a freshman studying information science concentrating in data science. Both of my parents are from Nepal and I frequently visit there. I was born in Boston but moved to New Hampshire when I was 3 where I have lived ever since. I have played a lot of sports but my main one is soccer which I have been playing since I was 6. At Cornell I am also a part of the Mundial club soccer team. I am excited for the brotherhood.
Jacob Ezra Miller
My name is Jacob Ezra Miller and I am a freshman studying mechanical engineering. I’m originally from New York City but I now live in lower Westchester (Larchmont). I am interested in law and finance but am not yet sure what I want to do with my engineering degree. In my free time I like to swim and run.

Peter Gregory Radzio

Hey my name is Peter Gregory Radzio and I’m a new pledge. I have a lot of hobbies and I do them more than I do all my schoolwork. I take photos on film then develop them in my bathroom (definitely dying early from all the film chemistry I’ve spilled). I also surf all winter like a fucking idiot. During senior year of high school I spent all winter cutting school to go surfing in the ocean in NY until I got icicles in my hair and early stages of frostbite in my hands. I do extreme shit all the time and I’m hoping to find other idiots like me at DKE.

Michael Randolph

My name is Michael Randolph. I am a freshman studying Environment & Sustainability and Information Science in CALS from Chandler, Arizona. I'm interested in finance and real estate career-wise because I like money. I love most sports, but mainly football, basketball, and Formula 1. I also like sports betting (I may or may not be good at it). My goal during my time at Cornell is to win the IFC Flag Football tournament with DKE.

Gavin Ross
Hi, my name is Gavin Ross, I’m part of DKE’s latest pledge class at Cornell, and I am originally from San Francisco, California. I am a student at Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration, which means we’re given the least amount of work on campus and have the most fun. For example, me and a bunch of friends had Thursday 8 am classes last semester, would all go out Wednesday night, and each and every one of us got an A in that class, even with our bad habits. I’m excited to meet all of the DKE alumni both within Cornell and beyond and see where my journey in this house over the next few years will take me!

Frederic Joseph Serrano-Orense

My name is Frederic Joseph Serrano-Orense, and I'm from Daly City, California, a medium sized city which is situated right up against the border of San Francisco. I grew up basically in San Francisco, and attended Our Lady of Visitacion elementary school and Saint Ignatius College Preparatory. I enjoy staying active, I’ve played  a wide array of sports like basketball, lacrosse, track, cross country, and volleyball. I also enjoy dabbling into my more creative side, I used to do acting, dancing and singing. I love going to the beach which is like very Californian of me.  This is just a little short intro paragraph so i'm gonna cut it off here before I write an entire novel about myself.

Abhi Vetukuri

Hey, I’m Abhi Vetukuri, from Worcester, Massachusetts but I was born in California and live in the bay for a month or two every year. I love to play basketball and hit the gym in my free time, and otherwise, I’m chilling with the boys or watching Formula 1. In school, I’m studying computer science, I’m interested in Machine Learning and new technologies but also want to learn about finance. At Cornell, I just want to find friends and people that I can grow with and form a close bond with, and that’s why I’m at DKE
Daniel Vigna
Hello, my name is Daniel Vigna and I’m a freshman studying Electrical and Computer Engineering. I plan on pursuing a master’s degree here at Cornell and hopefully an MBA in the future after a few years of work experience. Originally, I’m from The Woodlands, TX (about an hour north of Houston), but both my parents were born in Mexico. In fact, we are the only part of my family that lives in the US. I have an older brother studying Aerospace Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin and he’s in his junior year. Recently, I’ve picked up gymnastics here at Cornell and I’m in the club as well. I was the principal violist of the Houston Youth Symphony and now in my 11th year of playing the instrument. Lastly, I’m really into Formula 1 Racing and a huge fan of sports cars. I also enjoy traveling (I’ve been to 20 countries), I really love playing and watching soccer, and I’m a rock climber

Sebastian Waizenegger

My name is Sebastian Waizenegger, I am originally from Washington, DC, and I’m a freshman in the ILR School. In my free time I am an avid soccer player, and I enjoy biking, working out, and making music. I’m interested in working in sports agency, or doing sustainable investment strategy in finance. I’m involved in a few clubs on campus, revolving around business ethics and sports business, and I play club soccer and intramural basketball. I’m looking forward to being heavily involved in Deke over the next few years.

Hayden Noah Weiss

My name is Hayden Noah Weiss and I will be initiated into DKE on my birthday. I moved to Armonk, NY at 3, and lived there until my family moved to Richmond, Virginia shortly after I came to Cornell. My father is a long-island born jew and the COO at a hedge fund. My mom was born in Queens and was an accountant before she became a stay-at-home mom. I was raised catholic, though we still celebrated the Jewish holidays. I attended Byram Hills High School, Captained the Debate team, did research, and a few other things I won't bother mentioning for brevity's sake, but now here we are, onto bigger and better. I’m studying Computer Science and Economics, and considering a History minor. Outside of school, I’ve been playing my guitar, video games, lifting weights, and, of course, drinking and other means of degeneracy. I listen to a lot of music, try to stay well-informed, and have no doubt I’m always reliable. I’m excited for the weeks (and years) to come and hope that in the not-so-distant future I will be able to call myself a Son of DKE.

In the bonds,



Mike Furman ‘79

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